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Old 05-03-2008, 02:14 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Lethal Injection Attack Droid (oh, fuck that)

While more of a proof of concept than an actual droid, this is a solid warning of things to come. Not all of the robots will have to be bigger than us, or revving chainsaws as they force us out of our homes. The biggest threat is the little guys. You wake up in the morning, step out of bed and BAM. Roomba jabs the back of your ankle with a seven-gauge hypodermic needle.

The woman on NPR dismissed the threat of household robots by saying "They're five pounds, and you can flip a switch to turn them off." Well, bitch, it's kind of hard to flip a switch when the potassium chloride is rushing through your veins, with a one-way ticket to your heart.
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Keep laughing, engineers. It's all a big joke isn't it? We'll see how funny it is when they find your body on the floor with a pint of morphine in it!
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holy shit.. i dont think im ever going to sleep again. think about an army of those little fuckers stabbing at your ankles for a few minutes and something tells me you wont be on the "robots are safe lol" side of the fence anymore.. what a way to go.
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