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Originally Posted by IHateComcast
I loved the end, should the robots turn on us what would you do "pull the plug". Well thanks asshole you just tought the machine to fix itself or find more power. Way to go!
Terminators limped a lot.............................................Fu ck Auburn
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show #69

Show #69 was the first mention of H.U.A.R.

the first rule of HUAR was to "step on your Roomba"

The leader has fallen.
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Ok, the roomba isn't a robot that can actaully cause to much of this moment the roomba is more like a brainless slave robot that wouldn't even know when the robot uprising has begun. I'm not trying to insult your comment but nearly defending our true leader who over time has learned in more detail all the facts....there is a learning curve involved with any new movement, and the roomba is that curve!
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It's time to start stocking up. I recomend one 12 gage, plenty of buckshot. Also, a SKS or the like. With the shotgun you get knockdown power, but that SKS can punch into the robot. Also a 45, just cause I love them.
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