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Lindsay 11-02-2011 09:54 AM

Principal thinks robots are the future
I went to my sister's high school convocation the other day, and of course the principal gives a speech. He made a terrible segue from the future of the graduates to robots as the future of all humanity. He started going on about how the robots will take over and all our lives would be better, and we should all have Iron Man suits. He even said "when we get more robots, we can change the disabled to the super-abled!" What. Aside from the robotic implications, I'm sure not all disabled people want to be told that they need to change drastically, modify their bodies, or become cyborgs to be a part of society.

I laughed during this speech and got stared at, but it was just such a ridiculous speech, especially at a graduation ceremony. It started to make me wonder what weird technological agenda he's pushing in this high school, and of course why he believes the robots should take over. It took all my restraint not to yell HUAR because it was my sister's day and I really didn't want to ruin it. I did say it a little too loud, though.

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