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A robot now tells you how well your dick works.

Since I'm new, I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this. So sorry in advance if it is in the wrong place.

The Erectile Quality Monitor

Once you obtain an erection via your stimuli of choice, simply place the head of the penis against the pressure sensor of the device and apply pressure towards the body for a count of 5 seconds or until the penis inflects (bends). At this point a reading will flash on one of the LED indicator lights, reflecting the quality of your erection. Use this same method each time you test to help ensure accurate results.

+ Measuring the rigidity (hardness) of your erections
+ Monitoring and/or preventing the onset of Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)
+ Tracking the effectiveness of various E.D. or libido enhancing drugs/supplements
+ Tracking the effectiveness of penile enhancement devices such as the Fastsize Extender
+ Early detection of serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, & heart disease

Their Website

I don't have a penis, but if I did.... Calling my dick "adequate" hurts the pride a bit. Damn robots. First vibrators now this...
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wow that would be a huge let down I would be using it like every 10 minutes I would try and cheat it. It should help you get off to.
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Cyanide & Happiness @
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What happened to the old test method?
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Originally Posted by Allison View Post
Cyanide & Happiness @
i lol'd
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