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blobby 03-31-2007 03:41 AM

I'm not sure how the robots is going to use this, but i'm sure they will.

Using a $30 dollar camera and this piece of Podtech software that's still in development, you can play with computers just like Tom Cruise did in Minority Report, by grabbing files by the nipples and dragging them around the screen. Using topological depth technology, it figures out what's the static background, and differentiates it between the changing foreground. By pinching areas within the camera's view you section off ovals which you can use to rotate and move around the display, and the researcher said more gestures are being worked on. What you're looking at is basically an advanced, but limited, version of Eye Toy in disguise, but think about how many games you could use this technology with. Waving to other people on PlayStation Home, pointing soldiers around the battlefield, clicking on enemies in W.O.W., literally grabbing Pikmin on screen and throwing them around, giving a last boss the finger before delivering the final blow, and of course, grabbing boobs.

Expect Microsoft to use this technology to jump into the motion sensitivity scene late (even though they had it first with a failed controller years ago). Instead of a knock-off Wiimote they'll just let you do it with your hands by inserting a chip in your wrist. I always knew Bill Gates would beat everyone else to the 'mark of the beast' technology and prove that he's the devil.

dreamgirl69 04-18-2007 07:12 AM

thats sound awsome acually. but the chip in the hand thing is freaky. what if it malfunctions and your arm just fucking startes going bazerk!! what if it happens while your jerking the monkey? oops... no more.... um.. you get it. It will be a sad, sad world without that of the lovely god mad penis.

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