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I liked the part where he hurt himself. Just like a real boy!
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Originally Posted by captain_skeeze View Post
bruno's mom's kinda cute
+10 to that - she is pretty cute
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That was awesome. The cinamon challenge, screaming like a girl when the condom burst, just soo funny. real lol

Nice one, Bruno.
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Originally Posted by Todd View Post
. . but I just don't find him all that funny. To each, their own, I guess.
Todd to me is a enigma, wrapped in some other stuff with other tings

Originally Posted by Dodecahedron View Post
Exactly what I was thinking, I bet she is under 25
25-14= FLDS much?
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I think Bruno rocks. For those of you who have confessed that you don't 'get' it, hey, to each his own. That's just having different senses of humor. But to those of you who wag your fingers and scold and rant about childhood exploitation, you need to unsubscribe from KATG, NOW. TV, audio, forums, everything. You're just too fucking sensitive for this level of comedy. Or at least back it up and call in the FBI and child protective services. Or don't you *really* care about poor Bruno? Oh, wait, I forgot. You just want to whine.

Never mind.
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Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post
I wouldn't call him an idiot as 14 year olds go, but I would consider 14 year olds to be very impressionable. If he jokes about getting high and everyone laughs and claps, you are reinforcing the positive image of using drugs in his mind. There is a difference between a 25 year old smoking pot and a 14 year old smoking pot.
However, Keith has repeatedly said he thinks Bruno smokes pot too much. Eh, it happens. It's just kids these days have more access, and are more open about said access.
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Old 06-08-2008, 10:12 PM   #97 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Newsy View Post
I really can't stand these people out there, that are acting like bruno is some hyper impressionable idiot that everyone is taking advantage of. Do you realize, that he's the kind of kid that would have been doing these things out of bordom, if he thought of them first? he's not a complete retard. there are plenty of things he has avoided doing, because he thought better of it first.

as for being so scared that your own kid would do these things, do a good fucking job of raising them, and you don't have to worry about anything. i'm not saying anything against the way bruno's mom raised him, because i think bruno is pretty alright for a 14 year old. way more interesting than any other 14 year old that i've met.
Exactly! This video was hilarious! Bruno's cinnammon challenge almost made me cry! I tuned in one night to catch Bruno live, and he's just plain funny. I saw him turn down plenty of requests from the chat. And actually, he challenged people to come up with better and more interesting requests. So don't sell the kid short!
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Funny as hell. Second best KATGTV episode after the pheononomon one.
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i showed this clip to a friend of mine whose a comic... i have never seen him mlaugh so much when bruno says that to cure cancer they should kill everyone who has it... i woke up sunday morning (he saw it friday night) and he was chuckling to himself, when i asked him why he replied "kill them all"....
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my favorite part: "skip both of 'em and smoke some chronic."

AHAHAHAH. I am going to incorporate this quote into my daily life.
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