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33: Sliding Down

We continue to meet the KATG interns as Newsy shares his feelings through Salvia
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This deserves a KATGuh for the best salvia trip. You laugh, you cry.. Beautiful.
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Wow. That was incredible. Best salvia trip on the internet.
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That one made me feel like I was on salvia!
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Oh my fucking god - that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen..
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All I could think of watching this was FUCK YO COUCH when he's kicking uncontrollably... aces!
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He goes from sober->happy->sad->happy->sad->happy, from what I saw.
When Keith made him sad again, I almost lost my shit, that was so funny!
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Oh My Fucking Buddha! Someone needs to send that to Hostess. It's the best Twinkie commercial ever, except for when someone turned off the happy switch and turned on the crying switch. Ironic that he was on drugs with a Lance Armstrong US Postal shirt on.
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Remember when you had that twinkie.
Remember when you were sad.
You got twinkies and you got happiness and your an eagle!
boom! Newsytainment!

trippy vid but how come kyle was so much more subdued than newsy?

And whats with all the youtube hater comments still harping on the clip about the bear and the chinese guy
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