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Don't know how many of you guys remember, but when What Do We Do Now? was coming out, Keith read a letter about a human dog. I believe it was on show 1128.

Well...I just wanted to let you guys know that he'll be joining me for the show. Except now he's not just my boyfriend--we're engaged.

I'm excited to meet Keith and Chemda. I once drove to New York from Ohio to see Viva Patshiva-- Chemda gave me a lap dance at the performance. I own all the CDs and almost all the DVDs.

This is going to be awesome. I'm pumped for this show!

KATG has played a major role in my life. Besides theater, this podcast is one of the very few things that has stayed a constant over the last few years. It may sound dumb, but I feel like Keith and Chemda are a part of my life. I've been thinking about the obsessions that help shape our lives and KATG is one of mine.

Thank you both for continuing to do this show-- even when times got rough. I admire your dedication, bravery and ability to put US, the audience (not the USA, Keith), first. Congratulations.

Writing this has made me realize that I need to sign up for the $5 monthly payments. It's the least I can do.


(Jeez...I sound like a fag.)

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So.... yeah I started this thread and haven't been active in it at all. Sorry about that I had some shit going on. But I wanted to give some places to check out while in "The Burgh"

The Church Brew works It's an old church that has been converted into a microbrewery. All the brewing equipment is up at the alter. It's a cool place to check out with decent food and brew.

However if you are looking for the best beer in the area you need to go to Rivertowne Pour House in Monroeville. Andrew is the brewmaster, and knows his shit. He makes a mean IPA, but he always has something for everyone on tap all brewed in house.

If you are looking for a few laughs and some music you can check out Sing sing or Charlie Murdoch's they are both dueling piano bars. I'm more of a fan of Sing Sing.

Last but not least you may have heard Keith talk about the amusement park Kennywood that Kat and he went to. Well they have Phantom Fright Nights going on. The park is open at night and the whole place is like a big haunted house, and rides are open but are dark. It might be an awesome place for a meet up on friday.

If anyone has any questions or needs info feel free to ask me. I can't wait to meet all of you!
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Smile Carpool?

I can't wait!! This will be my first event/meetup and I'm pumped.

I'll be driving from NE Ohio, about an hour East of Cleveland. I have room for 4 people in my gas guzzler.

So, if anyone wants to hitch a ride with me I'd love the company. I figure even if you're coming from somewhere like Cleveland, Toledo, or wherever it'd save you a couple of hours driving/gas.

And if not... I'll still see ya all there!
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is there someone organizing an official meetup before or after the show?
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I don't think so but we would love it if someone would! We are coming in Friday night and staying downtown(about 5 blocks from the venue) so even something Friday night would be fun. Just not sure how my liver will hold out.

We were wondering if they will have taxis at the ready from the airport when we come in. Just curious if we should taxi it for the weekend or rent a car. Any suggestions?
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we're renting a car only because if we decide to start running around, it'll actually be cheaper. we found economy cars (ford focus, aveo, etc) for $16/day on orbitz so that's the route we're going. we'll be staying about 10 min away from the venue so we're up for meeting up somewhere friday night...

if no one else will, maybe i'll look into organizing something even though i don't know a thing about pittsburgh
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My boyfriend and I are coming in Friday night from central Ohio. I've been listening since show 200 and can't wait to finally be at a live event.
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DC to PA

Another forums lurker but avid listener here.

I'll be driving up from DC on Friday afternoon or evening, back Sunday night. Anyone who wants to join in hit me up with a PM!!
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I was so excited to hear the show was coming to Pittsburgh...then I found out it was on my daughter's 9th birthday

BUT....she will be cheering at the Pitt game and game time is noon. We'll probably go out to eat afterwards and then her mom is taking her for the night. Birthday party will be Sunday. I'M IN!
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Originally Posted by cupcakesupremacy View Post
I've never posted here before but I'm suuuuuper excited for the show! I think we should have a party super afterparty at primantis!
Cant wait to meet see ya there! PSP PSP PSP
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