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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post

There's an extreme narcissism and arrogance to McNally that I've noticed for years, and I haven't liked him from the beginning.
I completely agree.

To be fair I enjoyed the porn store stories that he wrote early on (pre-standup?) and then it went downhill from there. The more I learned about him and heard him speak my opinion of him soured and rather quickly. Even at the height of his 15 mins, I thought he was a complete narcissist.
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super fuck mcnally

he made Chemda cry... so i never really cared for him.... if you make the girl cry...your an Super Fuck Mc Fuck stick...
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When I saw the length of the show and the description I immediately thought, "ha! Danny gotcha!"

Very interesting show, but I don't think Keith should dig up all of the people in the past that are gone. Part of the problem is that he brings people close to him in his personal life when he feels they are friends. However, they met as part of this show. Keith's personal life is very close to his professional life because he talks about it all of the time and he never really stops working in the sense of he's always thinking about the show, how to make it better, what to talk about, etc. When things blow up they blow up personally and professionally.

Anyway, loved the episode and the length was just right.
Originally Posted by slampokes View Post
You could be a terrorist and I would still continue to love you very, very much.
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Originally Posted by angiethestrange View Post
d mcnally wanted to be intimate with Keith because he wants to BE him ... or least wear his skin around the apartment mother pays for.
Ha! Nerd obsession is so weird, but it is our burden to carry. Lucas said it perfectly when he basically said if we don't get what we want from our hero we become the anti-hero. Mike Lawrence's description of nerd rage totally applies to us. Who the hell wouldn't want to be friends with Keith or Chemda? And if they don't like us, we'll read the next comic/episode because of the principal and anger.
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It's too bad, really. McNally had some great moments where he was a genuinely likable guy. Unfortunately he also needs a lot of help, and it cost him some very good friendships. He has a lot of what he has in his life, with the relationships and the experiences, because of Keith and Chemda. He's not just ungrateful, he's petulant. I will miss the train wreck he was, but will also miss the fact that he was once someone I enjoyed listening to.
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Hey peeps,
I'm not getting into the whole McNally hate-a-thon. He's my friend and I do a show with him (The Vinylcountdown). And I won't pretend to understand the ins and outs of him vs. Mally... But I did just want to clear up a point on the show: "Craig" as discussed on the show is a different guy, who is a super awesome, very cool dude. The Sex-predator's name was Brad. I also know Brad, who's nice and harmless but that's not to say I don't agree with the fact that he's patient zero for weird, Danny was spot on. Just representing my boy Craig.
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I've always liked McNally. I loved the KATG episodes he was on and I listen to Vinyl Countdown and I think I"ll continue to do so. On KATG he always provided a semi Canadian perspective that as a Canadian I enjoyed, I say semi because he only seemed to know the "what" we like and dislike not the "why".

Despite the comradery I had felt listening to this fellow country man on KATG I understand that this is for the best. Truthfully I can't see remotely where all this came from. Granted I only know what I've heard on his ham radios and KATG about the early relationship but from what I know of Keith Malley from listening to the entire catalog of episodes, it seems McNally was over analyzing Malley. He's a simple man, much like myself, which is why I relate so well. McNally just seemed to be reading slights from things that don't even register to someone like Malley and myself.

Its sad but Keith Malley did the right thing. Obviously.

Since I can't honestly see where he was coming from I would like to hear McNally talk about his perspective. If not here maybe on a solo Ham Radio?
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I try my best to not say anything negative about guest of the show but I can't front... never liked McNally. Spoiled, entitled and some sort of persecution complex. It was somewhat entertaining to listen to people try to deal with his shit but it would always get to a point where I would just roll my eyes when he'd bitch about how his life was the worst.

It seems like Keith, Chemda and most of the community did their best to try to work with McNally. Some people just can't be saved I guess. Hearing all those emails on the show made it seem like he's obsessed with defining his worth through the eyes of Keith somehow. It was creepy and weird.
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I don't think the spoiled/entitled thing really came into play until after that Keith show. Sure, McNally had his share of detractors here but, for the most part, I don't remember seeing those types of complaints until after his appearance here. I've always liked McNally, a lot, both in person and on the show. I think he's tremendously entertaining and a great person to talk to. He also fucked over a business I work for and acted like it was no big deal. That's hard to swallow, and so are the emails. I'll defend the McNally I know. This doesn't sound like the McNally I know. I'm probably not making sense, but I BET YOU DOLLARS TO DONUTS I'M MAKING DOLLARS.
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"Stay sick. Don't get well." -- The Mountain Goats (shut up.)
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QUOTE=angiethestrange;Yes. That is what FUCKING CRAZY people do.

As a Canadian I became nauseated listening to McNally represent us. Speaking as a New Brunswicker that whole land of poverty thing is horse shit. The Maritimes aren't strong economically but no part of Canada can be called the poorest part unless the name of the place includes the words reservation or reserve

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