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Michael's Servant 01-21-2016 11:01 AM

327: Hootie and the Tobacco Experience
Myq hangs out with Chemda, Chris Duffy, and Micah Sherman on the KATG Network

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Jo_Culprit 01-24-2016 11:11 PM

I'm not a Chemda apologist but Chemda killed it in the religion argument. 100% agree with her, hit it so well.

I feel like a lot of times Myq comes from a place of "good things are good, so do good things" but this becomes very subjective to different people entrenched with different religious ideas.

Chemda wasn't saying there weren't good things in different religions she was saying its niave to ignore the veil that each religion surrounds their ideas in. The idea of kindness to others as an as a raw idea by itself is great but is tainted by the relative subjectiveness of that religions doctrine. Chemda was defending the right to critize otherwise good ideas that are tainted by religious perspective without them just being universally good ideas.

lalalemon 01-25-2016 07:51 PM

I thought Chemda was being kinda harsh during the religion argument. I don't think she meant to attack Chris...I feel like she railing against religion in general, not Chris's personal belief, but I was uncomfortable for him for a minute. But that's what shows like this are for!

I'm not saying the bible is good, but I agree with Myq that there are some valuable teachings that are applicable to modern society. In that same breath, there are some horrible and outdated rules/guidelines, but do we just ignore the ones that still ring just and true? I don't personally agree with current interpretation of the second amendment but does that mean we discount the other amendments that protect us and have shaped our country? Not sure that's the best example bc of the current corruption that seems so prevalent, but you get the idea I hope.

Basically I'm on Myq's side, and I want everyone to get along.

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