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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Any pixar movie, anything by miyazaki, and most of the warner bros animations.

Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away were great. I realize I'm likely to get mocked here for holding this opinion, but IMHO they are wonderful films.
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They are. but every time i mention Miyazaki in movie discussions, the snob elite loves to say "OOOOOOH always that guy. OVERRATEEEED. BORIIIIING. NOT A REAL ARTIIIIST".

And so on. I expect that this time too, eventually.

Also, Disney's 60 movies like "Something wicked this way comes" (Sleepy holloe pre burton), and a lot of their less known more Dahl like production was amazing for kids and even better when you gre wup. All without Jar Jar the goofy negroid alien.
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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
They are. but every time i mention Miyazaki in movie discussions, the snob elite loves to say "OOOOOOH always that guy. OVERRATEEEED. BORIIIIING. NOT A REAL ARTIIIIST".

And so on. I expect that this time too, eventually.
Man, you all are frontin and perpetratin. Acting like a bunch of god damned 16th century Venitian diplomats. Yeah, I went there. Bitches. Have you learned nothing from this show? (Like all of them, not this one specifically)

If you want to stand, naked, in the middle of your damn living room and masturbate while staring at a lamp you got in Walmart that somehow reminded you of Kathy Bates, you go ahead and do that shit.

I wouldn't do it because: I hate cleaning up, I got my lamps at the Salvation Army, Kathy Bates? Meh.

But it's your right, and I won't fault you god damned pervs.

Just state your damn beliefs without apology and if people don't like em, ah, they're probably just a fake internet program. If Keith doesn't like 'em, what's he gonna do? Badmouth you? You can still get the show. You can download it for free. Oh oh oh. Got your show Keith, got your show! I'm listening and laughing!. Oh, whatcha gonna do?

The only true elites can have you killed without suffering repercussions. Most of them have outdated views of art, or little interest in the subject. And are suffering from genetic diseases brought about by inbreeding. They are on few message boards.

I have no proof for any of this. But if any of you disagree with me, I'm gonna stand out in the street and fire shotgun shells in the air til the police show up. Motherfucking clouds? What's the deal with that?
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meh. im off to watch doctor who
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Originally Posted by Rufio View Post
It's absolutely still legal in the states, I'm in college and I know tons of friends that go into the plasma donation center twice a week to donate plasma for some extra spending money
It's technically not legal to sell blood/plasma in the United States. From the American Red Cross web site: "all blood collected for transfusion in the United States must be from volunteer donors."

The way these collection centers get around this is by saying that they are compensating donors for their time or, as BioLife puts it, "We merely offer compensation to our donors for their commitment to the program."

So, yeah, it's a weaselly way to end up being the same thing. But this is why it's still called "donating" plasma. It's also probably why the rate hasn't changed much in the last 15 years, still pretty much around $20/donation.
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