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Originally Posted by MichaelG
I am waiting for youi to prove your point:

Compare ANY private entity to it's government counterpart. A private entity will do MUCH MUCH better job as long as there is no government money or intervention. What private entity does a Gov. Job and doesn't get paid by the gov?

I want you to "compare ANY private entity" It is NOT my argument.

I know the PO and the GOV are working hand in hand, BUT THEY ARE NOT A GOV AGENCY. So we can drop that one if you want.

Maybe I need to listen to your show before I get to far into this argument.
Yeah, maybe... dunno. I'm not quite sure what a "government job" is. I'm not sure what your argument was. I'm the one who started this conversation, and was trying to send a blurb to Keith.
Anyway, ANY organization that does a TASK (period) - any task... like... say .. delivering mail... or building spaceships. As soon as the government gets involved... everything goes to shit.

So, I'm afriad I don't know what a "government job" is. Or maybe it's a concept I don't believe in.

It doesn't really matter if it's a private company - when the government gets involved, and makes laws to muscle out competition, or give subsidies of taxpayer money to bail out a failing company (like many airlines and Amtrak) etc.

When the government gets involved... it uses money that has been stolen (taxes) to use even MORE force to do
things like preventing a company from failing that should (becuase they either don't have a product, service, or ingenutity enough to stay in business like a NORMAL company would (by making people happy)


the government makes laws to muscle out competition through regulation, becuase a politician has interest in it, or someone has a connection...

For example, the New Hampshire board of cosmetology came into existence to regulate and force all people to get liscenced in order to do mani/pedi and beauty stuff becuase of a politician who had been recently elected... What does she do BESIDES being a SCUMBAG politician? Oh, she owns all the beauty schools in NH. Rather convienient for her, eh?

The WHOLE point of this entire thing was me addressing Keith about the fact that I think it's REALLY weird that he has personal experience with the fact that the 911 operators just don't care... and I'm letting it be known that it's NOT just 911 operators. I don't understand why people think that the government has ANY real incentive to do a good job elsewhere... FEMA sucks just as badly. NATO is a goddamned joke (watch "Hotel Rwanda" to see a good story about NATO)

Private companies have REAL incentive... they need to MAKE their money... and to do so... they have to make people happy. When stolen money (tax money) is given to a private company, or a task is done directly by the government, they have little to no incentive to do it very well... People naturally want to live their lives and only work hard when there is incentive to do so.

You work hard when you can make more money, or when your employer shows kindness, offers extra bonuses (like good food or extra money and tips), etc. If everything is always static, and there is no incentive to IMPROVE than why WOULD you work HARDER?

People that will work hard to improve themselves for no incentive are rare, and even those who might work hard on principles alone find those principles wear thin when there is no appreciation or reward for their efforts.

America was founded on the principle that if you work hard, you can follow a dream and reap a reward... You take a risk, but as long as you are willing to work, you will reap what you sow.

Our government doesn't do that... It TAKES, it doesn't earn, and becuase it has already taken it's pay, it has no need to work harder to do a good job in hopes of greater reward.

Oftentimes our government fails completely, and becuase we the people NEVER hold our government accountable anymore... Like a bully, they continue to TAKE and TAKE... About half of all your money is taken in taxes (many of which are built into the cost of products you buy, and many which are obvious) Do you think that a commitee knows better how to spend your money than you do?

Do you feel that for what yuo are paying - HALF of all your money for the course of your ENTIRE LIFE, that you are getting the service you deserve from your NOT so friendly local government agencies? Fire, Police... Subsidized cable company... whatever... Personally... i want that money back... I have no interest in paying the police, firemen, or military...

I'll buy a gun, and some insurance, and take my chances... i don't believe I'm REALLY being protected anyway...

Look at the fine job the police and government are doing in Loisiana...

It's a FRAUD. When it comes down to it... people don't go nuts on other people becuase we don't really want to harm each other... and it's just more convenient to "play nice". However, when survival is on the line... the police can't do shit...

When people's SURVIVAL isn't being threatened anymore... they'll stop freaking out on one another... and play nice again.. and that will have VERY LITTLE to do with ANYTHING the government does. (In fact the Government will likely cause MORE problems by KILLING people in Louisiana and crack down with more FORCE, and police and miliary like the Governor who is calling for more TROOPS, is saying.

Fuck troops. Let CITIZENS and companies with FOOD and WATER in...
Lousiana citizens don't need MEN with GUNS to help them survive.. they need food, water, and shelter. That is the only thing that will CALM the situation...

Government is just going to make it worse. Watch.
Force works on people only as long as it is continually applied.

Where food flows, so will solace... where troops flow.. so will disaster.

Anyway... this is too much rambling on this board. I just wanted to shout a blurb to Keith... Michael, if you want to talk more about this... lets take to to my shows more politically oriented forums (where it won't be annoying to people to discuss) (

For the rest of this thread... I'd prefer to hear about this whole Chemda Maaaaaaaallllllley thing.

Do we get to see a picture of the ring?
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closing credits

Who was that comedian on the closing. Hillarious stuff !!!

Gotta start posting what tracks are played at the end of shows.
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Oh nevermind...

I just heard yesterday's show (127) ... and got the "nunya" answer.


and I believe that was Henry Rollins... before we got rocked like a hurricaine...
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Re: closing credits

Originally Posted by sloberino
Who was that comedian on the closing. Hillarious stuff !!!

Gotta start posting what tracks are played at the end of shows.
That's Henry Rollins of Rollins Band/Black Flag/muscular neck rock fame. Who also does some funny spoken word shows and acting/presenting as well. He got thrown down the stairs in Get Shorty and played a cop in the terrible movie The Chase amongst others.

"Liar" by the Rollins Band was played at the end of another K&TG show.
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Re: Looting vs. "finding"

Originally Posted by drunkenrobot
You never see anybody white looting or breaking the law because the camera operators are WHITE!!! The editors are WHITE! They're not fuckn stupid... They're not gonna be the ones to make white people look bad. So, they only record and report on the bad things "everybody" else is doing... 'Cause white people do nothing wrong: KKK, WW2, Crusades, American Slavery, Apartheid, Vietnam, Iraq, the COPS TV show... I could go on... :twisted: sorry... vented
Does anyone have a link to what KATG was saying about this? The two articles on New Orleans: blacks steal food and whites find food.
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Some of the photos here:
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