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Also, congrats on the Green Card or whatever.
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I agree with Keith.

Chop off the dicks of child molesters and also sex offenders.

Too many people trying to sympathize 'Oh maybe it was a one off', 'Maybe they have other things to contribute'. Why are you trying to sympathize with such scum?

Maybe they won't offend again, but why take the chance in my opinion.
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1932: Art $tar

I'm so sorry Chemda. When I heard you get upset, I got upset.

Just looked at the pictures and they're horrifying. I can't imagine if that was my place.

As for Jonnie, I'll only say that my opinion hasn't changed.

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I haven't listened to the episode yet, but saw the pictures and holy fucking shit I'm so sorry you guys. As soon as I can I will listen because my first thought when I saw those pictures was "did he get high and freak out or get off his psych meds/have a mental break down??" Either way it fucking sucks and I'm sorry you are having to go through this.
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I heard the shakiness in Chemda's voice right from the beginning, but when her voice cracked with emotion, I teared up and had to pull the car over. You're too bloody wonderful for your own good Chemda.

Congratulations to Cat and Keith on the green card. With all of the things that could have gone wrong (albeit at a stretch), it's good to know it all went so right.

A few years ago, when I had surgey to remove a tumour, I can recall being given the anaesthetic, then being transferred onto the operating table, then having the breathing tube passed down into my throat, then the surgeon approaching me with the scalpel. I was completely paralysed but completely aware for all those moments before the anaesthetic finally did its job. I've never forgotten that sensation.
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When Keith corrected himself and said that It was Johnny who asked Cat if she would be at the marathon alarm bells went off in my head.

I can only think of two reasons he would ask her that. 1. To lead her into revealing some other information, maybe something as simple as whether or not Lauren and Chemda saw the "art" yet or 2. To find out whether or Keith and Cat's place will be empty at all this weekend.

Basically, I am suggesting you have someone at your place when Cat is in the studio this weekend.

P.S. Also, some of us listen to your show in bed, please never say "burpees" again. The word makes my muscles twinge because some of my coaches make me do them and they are the worst (I am 36, which I now know means I shouldn't have to do them ever again).
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Old 02-28-2014, 08:27 AM   #17 (permalink)
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Great episode. I'm sorry it had to come about as a result of such a terrible experience. When Chemda became emotional at the beginning I teared up myself (at my desk at work) and I could hear how upset Lauren was. The enormity of the situation really hit home when Keith said he was scared. That's not something I have heard before.
I thank you all so much for sharing these things with us all in such a raw way as it makes me feel like you are letting me in to your lives even though I have never met you.
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Thumbs down My "family"

My boyfriend and I also experienced something similar to this however when we called the police they just continuously asked us if what happened was drug related because they smelled pot in our house.

Someone is known since I was a toddler, who grew up three houses down from me, and I always thought of as a brother, broke into my and my bfs place after id been sick for 3 months. He knew it was my first day back to work, broke into our house an stole our safe. It wasn't so much the fact that he stole from us, it was that we had done so much in the years prior to help this kid out, and then he broke into our house one day, and violated our privacy and out peace of mind in our home. All of our neighbors recognized him and told the police they knew who it was and they could identify him and the vehicle-but the police gave zero fucks and just continued saying we must've owed him money for pot because that's what our house smelled like. This was almost three years ago now and to this day nothing has ever been done.

I'm hoping the police stick to what they're saying and do help Chemda and Lauren out, unlike what happened in our situation. Sad to hear about good people dealing with such shitty situations

Ps. Hope this all makes sense as I'm writing it at work. �� breakin the law! Breakin the law!
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I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said but wanted to pass along my sympathy for what Chemda and Lauren (and everyone else in their lives by extension) are now going through. I don't think you were out of line trusting someone who gave you every sign until recently that he was a different person than his history indicated. Your big hearts say a lot about your personal character and this incident obviously showed his. Your community of fans and friends is completely behind you (yes, I'll speak for everyone).

Cat and Keith...congratulations on the green card!
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i almost forgot i had this pocket version.

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