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Old 05-29-2014, 08:01 PM   #21 (permalink)
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I'm so glad to finally know what the fuck went down Patrice. I never would have guessed she was a narcissistic sociopath from listening to the show. (She always sounded like she would be so much fun to be around).

(Yes, I'm getting around to a VIP subscription)

I dated one once, many years ago. Found out before I dumped him that he had used my credit and debit card, cheated on me left and right, left his old roomies high and dry while making up some story when moving in with me.. I bought all the groceries, paid the bills, and it was always "I'll pay you my share as soon as I can" .. and I believed it for so long, feeling so much (like Aldo said) like a chump, wondering how I could be so dumb. Lasted longer than it should have, but it was my first real relationship so I had the whole naive thing to deal with..

I'm not a shrink, so here's some NS traits shared by Patrice and my skank whore ex. Think it's pretty spot on:

Glib and superficial charm. The tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Sociopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A sociopath never gets tongue-tied. They have freed themselves from the social conventions about taking turns in talking, for example.

Grandiose self-worth. A grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Sociopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.

Pathological lying. Can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.

Conning and manipulative. The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain.

Shallow affect. Emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness.

Parasitic lifestyle. An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.

Irresponsibility. Repeated failure to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments; such as not paying bills, defaulting on loans, performing sloppy work, being absent or late to work, failing to honor contractual agreements.

(Shamelessly copied and pasted from some site claiming to know the signs) : Identifying a Narcissistic Sociopath | Paula's Pontifications
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Old 05-29-2014, 10:44 PM   #22 (permalink)
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Patrice was always the sassy black chick who was funny and entertaining.

It's just a shame it turns out she's a sociopath. It is made even worse by the fact that she is perfectly capable of working and being the person she is only pretending to be...

...although I doubt she will ever have the cash she has lied about.

She may have even invented a new genre of personality: Broke-Bitch Baller. It's like those rappers in the video. You know the type. All Cars and Money and Gold Chains. All that, but never actually existing.

It's all just a baller fantasy in Patrice's head.
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Old 05-29-2014, 10:53 PM   #23 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Sean Othan View Post
Shallow affect. Emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness
They left out: ZERO EMPATHY.

Sociopaths are most confusing because they appear to be human, but in reality, have no true emotion. This is how they con people. They literally don't feel guilt.

You keep giving thinking, "Oh they must feel like shit asking for all this. Why make them feel worse by asking how I'm going to be paid back."

All they are thinking is, "I want more." That's it. Period. The end.
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Old 05-30-2014, 10:20 AM   #24 (permalink)
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Like everyone I felt empty after this show. It's hard to hear about people being taken advantage of.

When Keith and Aldo started talking about how all the conversations from 9 years started to make sense I thought, Holy shit! It's Keith's personal 'Sixth Sense' moment.

Was there always something red in the room with Patrice when you think back Keith?

Edit - Nevermind, question already answered. That's what I get for not reading all posts before posting

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Old 05-30-2014, 12:41 PM   #25 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by aldo mcgee View Post
One thing to clear up because I was too embarrassed to admit earlier on the show, or ever, was that it wasn't $3,000 I lent her. It was $6,000. I'd never told anyone because I felt like a complete chump. How do you admit to people that your alleged best friend swindled you over time for 6 grand? But Keith is right. I shouldn't let what she did make me feel bad anymore. She's the one in the wrong, not me. I just got taken by someone who I thought was a friend.

Keith, thanks so much for having me on the show. It was so great to get all of that off my chest. I've felt lighter and so much better all afternoon.


Pretty sure we have enough people to start a support group now. I wonder how many other people she screwed over.


She got 2 drinks out of me one night when we met up. Keep in mind I was un employed at the time and had just moved here. She then deleted me off her facebook page. Oh and shortly after about a month after I got a text asking for money.


You however are a class act and a genuinely good guy I'm sorry she did this to you.

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Old 05-30-2014, 05:26 PM   #26 (permalink)
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Finally, after listening for a couple of years I get my pic in the show notes, thats all i've ever wanted.

Keith the point of the post on FB was that your duty as a veteren was to instruct others on our holidays.

Everything that could be said about patrice and how fucked everything with her is has been said. Its unfortunate that she is who she is
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Old 06-05-2014, 08:50 PM   #27 (permalink)
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Ugh. This episode hurt me. I've been listening since episode #2 and always loved Patrice Thursdays but she has gotten weird over time.

I've known shady people like that before and it's just fucking gross. People like that don't really give a shit about friends, it's more about "what can I get out you" and she can blame her upbringing or her anxiety or whatever but in the end, you're a fucking adult. Fuck you.

I had a person I knew for almost a decade whom I lived with and loved dearly and considered my best friend fuck me over for almost $2,000 (by lying about rent and security things) when I told him I had to move out because I couldn't afford sharing the apartment with him anymore. I feel bad for Aldo, but he learned a (costly) lesson and maybe this will help him from falling for someone like that in the future.

I know it doesn't account for much in the grand scheme of things but I unfollowed her on twitter before I even heard this episode just from hearing the teaser to it in a previous episode because I knew that it was going to be about her doing shady shit that ended your friendship and not something like KatG just decided randomly that she was a cunt.

Also that whole thing Keith said about, well if you want me to forgive her, how bout YOU guys pay me back? is right fucking on. I went through the same thing because this person is still in my circle of friends and that sucks that I'M expected to just pretend like it never happened.
"Uh, that'll be $14 for the tickets for the babies."
"Oh no, no, no, they're just gonna cry. Just gonna come in here and weep."
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Old 06-05-2014, 09:28 PM   #28 (permalink)
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Wait till you hear the next one...
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