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View Poll Results: Who will lose their shit first on tour?
Keith 11 15.07%
Chemda 14 19.18%
Lauren 6 8.22%
Myq 3 4.11%
Myka 22 30.14%
Danny 13 17.81%
Katharine 4 5.48%
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Old 12-09-2014, 07:58 PM   #1 (permalink)
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2103: Love Is the Answer

With Lauren Hennessy, Myq Kaplan, Myka Fox, and Danny Hatch – Sex with the deaf; how to deal with ADHD and OCD; When Lauren met Keith; sleeping at parties; ayahuasca; heavy prescription drugs; Beyoncé and Jay-Z meet Prince William and Duchess Kate; Keith and Myq’s relationship; a band’s hit song happens to be named Cosby Sweater; Grumpy Cat makes $100,000,000; Elton John fell out of a chair

Danny Hatch

Lauren Hennessy

Myka Fox

Myq Kaplan

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"Stay sick. Don't get well." -- The Mountain Goats (shut up.)
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Talking secretly at a deaf person is the same as signing secretly at a hearing person. It's just watching your hands wave for the fun of it. If there's some sick shit you're not saying because she might hear you, that's on you. I bet she wants to hear it.
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Dirty bird.
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I'm so sad I couldn't be there (in the hospital with a kidney infection ) but I want you guys to know that a. I'm out of the hospital as of late yesterday and training with a professional for the KATG marathon (we're running 30 miles, right?) b. I'm one of the people who voted for me in the "who will lose their shit first on tour?" question and c. I'm also on Percocet, which may explain why I just wrote a and b.

What were we talking about?
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glad your pee route didn't kill you! piss during or after sex, ladies, depending on your partner's proclivities. cotton undies. and for god's sake stop wearing your wet bikini bottoms around all day for fun and glamour.
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I have 3 alarms set on my phone for the morning to get me out of bed. I chose three songs that the beginning of the songs get progressively louder.

6:30 "15 more minutes" song: Alejandro by lady GaGa
6:45 "get up now" song: like a virgin live 2006 concert version by Madonna
7:50 "your late!!" song: vogue by madonna 2012 live concert version (which starts with a gong)

Then I download the newest katg show on the app and listen to it till 7 when the next alarm prompts me to get out of the shower. And then resume listening. Haha! Side note: I'm so glad you changed how shows are released, it makes the mornings much easier to deal with.

Part of being A.D.D. As an adult and not being medicated is developing some sort of OCD. It's not that the world will end but I have to do the same thing the same way each day to ensure I don't forget anything, wallet, keys, phone, diabetic supplies, etc. I live by the clock and I have my days planned out pretty much by the minute. If there is a sudden change of plans or my plans get thrown off I get agitated and grumpy. I usually plan for a day or two in advance.
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Myka Fox FTW

It sounds like it may take more than Dramamine to get her on that plane. Like 2-3 Cosby's. Minimum.
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What a fun family episode. It is quite funny how easy it is to simplify the answers obtained from hallucinogens. Be nice and be loving. Got it.
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Heller, I would give you a kidney but mine are probably fucked from all the red bull I use to make my coffee.
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Worst alarm clock

A recording of Bill Cosby whispering "Daddy says 'wake up'"
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