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2249: Trippy Country

with Billy Wayne Davis – Stand-up comedians opening for bands; medical marijuana and ADHD medication; pharmaceutical raises AIDS medication by 5,500%; KATG in San Francisco; Keith’s classmates’ facelifts; Keith’s new crippled life; left-handed people are possessed by Satan; the most obese nations; killing your spouse on vacation and disemboweling a lover; knowingly spreading salmonella; Yom Kippur

Billy Wayne Davis

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i haven't listened to the show yet, but i saw Sturgill Simpson in the show notes and about had a conniption fit. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Sturgill Simpson. Metamodern Sounds in Country Music is a fucking amazing album.

this song requires headphones.

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If anyone wants to tailgate at the vegas show, let me know.
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real talk: i also LOOOVE Adderall. she's my nice little atta'girl friend. as a person who enjoys a variety of drugged states, i prefer speed above all others. which is why people who love me know that and keep me accountable. i treat it like a tool; taking it requires purpose and tasks. but, ho boy, nothing makes me Sparkle and Shine as good. i am a DELIGHT going fast.
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I wanted to share some of my medical costs that I have.
I'm insulin dependant diabetic ( born with it, my pancreas doesn't work. Was not related to anything I did or didn't eat) I have severe anxiety and am depressive bipolar.

Without insurance 1 vial of insulin is about $250 for a 15 day supply (use varies per person) with insurance it is $80 for a 3 month supply.
Box of 25 test strips: $40 (I use 4-7 a day) a three month supply with insurance is $80.
Bipolar meds: about $60 for a month supply. Insurance makes it very cheap. $12 for a month supply.
Anxiety meds: I don't even know. The kind I take also help with ADD and is super expensive apparently. Because a three month supply with insurance is like $80 (Intuniv)
This year I got a new insulin pump and without insurance would have cost around $13,000. I only paid $800 for it with insurance. Before I had the insulin pump I had to use two different kinds of insulin both at $80 for a three month supply.
Supplies for the pump that I have to change out every 3 days is about $45 with insurance so they probably cost triple that without.

Every three months I have various blood tests that cost me about $45-$130 depending on what needs to be done (that's with insurance)

Doctor co-pay are $35...

I see two different doctors and should be seeing a therapist/psychiatrist but can't afford it. due to financial situations I'm without my anxiety meds until the first of the year.

I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting but that's about what I have to deal with.

Fuck this guy who is buying meds and jacking up their price. The cost of medication and doctor care is already completely insane.

Edit: I'm also left handed
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My first child was born at 29 weeks, 2.5 months early. My second child I need a progesterone shot to not go into labor early. That shot was about $ 7.50 per shot and ideally you should get 20, one a week starting at 16 weeks and stopping at 36 weeks.
Then one company was granted patent rights and that shot became.... $1,700. And most insurances wouldn't cover it. I had Medicaid and they covered my shots. But other friends had to take out loans just to have a full term baby.

I don't know all the ins and outs of how patents work, so maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like it just hurts the general public when meds get patents.
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Originally Posted by Shanateemanatee View Post
I'm a welfare scab, but other friends had to take out loans just to have a full term baby.
I want to buy a Ferrari, but I don't have enough money. Those cunts are charging way too much for those pretty red cars. It's not fair. Someone should do something about it.

What's that you say? If I can't afford one, don't get one, or get a better job so I can?

How about all you breeder cunts who think it's some fucking right that you get to dump kids out of your gaping fem-canals step back for a fucking second and take some fucking responsibility. If you can't afford a fucking kid, then don't fucking have one.

The injections that your fat arse needed to stop your body doing what it naturally wanted to do (i.e. self-abort that worthless little cunt-turd before it saw the light of day), cost people who actually pay taxes a fucking lot of money.
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Martin Shkreli's home address and phone number was released online this morning.

A lot of nurses I work with, who are hitting their 40's, are getting work done. Botox, fillers, facial nips and tucks and teeth work.

One nurse turned up at work one evening and I gasped out loud because she looked like she got punched in the face and I asked her if she was okay. She was so offended, she burst into tears - except that she couldn't shed tears - and ran out of the ICU.

In short, she looked fucking ridiculous. Now she has the full on "duck face" and ridiculously white teeth and she's on the latter end of her forties.
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Dean from Australia Dot Com

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Originally Posted by Mundane Soul View Post
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