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FingerLakes 10-09-2015 12:01 PM

this whole thing made me feeling all the emotions. I only caught the very end of the Patty Saga so I missed his arc, as it were, on the show. Never heard the eps mentioned here where was clearly talking about how he was cutting his girlfriend off from friends and family like a kidnapper or defending Woody Allen so fiercely. So I only knew he him as a guy who's relationship with KATG was destroyed.

I started listening to his podcast at the beginning of the year and as it deals with crimes rape comes up alot. His rape jokes were always the kind I found funny where the joke is on the absurdity of the crime or criminal. But that changed back in the beginning of the summer and I realized that it was around the time Chemda reported running into him in Queens. The jokes became "ugh another woman is complaining about rape" or asking him asking "is that rape? would you call that rape? It doesn't sound like rape"

He was going through some shit because for 2 months or so. I would skips the episode because he was so distracted and unfunny. Things were super uncomfortable when he started asking guests if THEY thought he was a sexual predator or creep. Everyone dodged the question I wonder how he'll react to this episode

Enunciated Piffle 10-09-2015 03:51 PM

Another KATG show reference to Patty. Another RIP in the comment section.

Ho hum.

On a positive note, safe travels, good times, and a hearty L Chaim to everyone on the tour bus.

iheartnihilism 10-13-2015 05:31 PM

Chrissie was nice and all, yada yada, but Laughs is the 2nd most fucking unfunny thing on tv.

FingerLakes 10-14-2015 11:55 AM

what's first?

amnesiac 10-14-2015 12:20 PM

Emotional Abuse
I wanted to write Chrissie privately but I think it's probably better to talk in public about abusive relationships.

There are lots of behaviours that add up to abuse such as gaslighting (making you feel like the crazy one), blaming the relationship problems on you, constantly changing the rules and expectations then getting mad when you can't follow and make a "mistake", blaming you for making them feel bad and giving you the responsibility to keep them alive and happy, and belittling or minimizing your worth.

The best example here though, is purposeful separation from a support network of friends and family.

I was in a relationship like that too and it was so confusing. I thought it was my fault because I wasn't trying hard enough and then when I got out and tried to talk about it I'd say things like "she wasn't nice to me" and couldn't explain why. It's because we don't have the words to talk about emotional abuse like we do about physical abuse.

Also, Pat obviously doesn't have any respect for women. Good for you Chrissie for recognizing that his bad behaviour is not your fault.

Lazarou 11-03-2015 09:35 AM

Pat stuff aside I thought Chrissie was a great guest and very entertaining. I join everyone else in my shock at Chet Hanxs revelation but I do hope that he continues to sling it proper.

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