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Old 03-21-2006, 10:55 PM   #41 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Owsley Stanley
Ricky Gervais show was funny at times, but I stopped listening as soon as he charged...
Same here.

I don't have any facts or figures, but I have to imagine that podcasters can make more money by enticing advertisers with higher listener numbers rather than by charging for shows and losing a large chunk of their fan base.
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I still think the show should be free (or as close as possible to free)..... but all the extra's should cost... And the store should be the hub to those extras. The products from the store would have a much better margin on return then charging per show.

If they charged it would be like shooting the cow, just so you can have some meat with your milk.
or something like that

KATG are doing it right.. it just takes time. Especially since podcasting is a new business/revenue model.

If I was running KATG Inc. What would I do? Sell a larger variety of shirts and clothing accessories, hats scarves etc... with the URL to the show on it. Or build a new tshirt clothing line (the HUAR stuff is prime for a t-shirt line). All they need now is to promote their show and their image to mainstream publishing.... If they had one of their t-shirts in a photospread of some alternative cool magazine, that would do more for getting more listeners then anything else. And listeners mean ad $$$ advertisers. No need to charge for the show..... the market of listeners are gold to someone out there.
ya- watevah
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Old 03-22-2006, 08:06 AM   #43 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by lickmyballssuckmy
Later, if demand is such that you can charge $7 a month, go for it and be rich as hell and spread the wealth with guys like DJQ that are working just because they know KATG kicks ass..
That and Chemda sends me private A-B porn on a regular basis.
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Old 03-22-2006, 08:08 AM   #44 (permalink)
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So, are you the one with nude pics of Hari?

Originally Posted by DJQuad
That and Chemda sends me private A-B porn on a regular basis.
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Old 03-23-2006, 11:50 AM   #45 (permalink)
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Keeping the show free is the easiest way to not only keep existing listeners but gain new ones. The focus needs to be on revenue from advertising, but more importantly on promoting the show with no budget. How many of you are familiar with the Keen line of shoes/sandles? That company has generated huge revenues with an almost non-existent advertising budget.

Charging for shows has a number of issues with it and the bottom line is, if people "wanted" to pay for the show, they would already be donating.
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Old 03-24-2006, 04:01 PM   #46 (permalink)
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Tawni Kittan! Perils of Gwendoyn!

Hey - that 16 year old girl. She's a 16 year old Hispanic girl and she thinks she's a minority in the Bronx? hahaha!

Nice voice, but were those jokes or just a rant?

I'm like thinking - is she one of those chatting-like-a-mad-parrot Spanish girls I'm always standing next to on the subway whose every other sentance begin with. "And he was like..."

Wait! What's up with Todd? Why'd you mention him when the girl was talking about pervs? Kindred Soul :-)

Originally Posted by MrBigDeal
My suggestion: in addition to their regular shows, KATG could make one special show a week, just say, a measly 30 mins long, but with, let's call it "prime-content" and sell those shows at a $7 month subscription (basically $1.75 per show).
I'm positive Keith has had that model sent to him numerous times. Positive 'cause in a drunken spur I emailed it to him months ago

Here's another:
Another model may be that a paid subscription gives you the show X number of days before its available for free. ...Additional micro-payment sources can also be had such as $1.50 for a live-show password.

A simple forecast gives you:
500 fans at $10 a month = $60,000 a year
$5 a month with 2,000 paid subscribers = $120,000

Naturally you'd offer a pre-paid discount - $5 on a month by month basis or $50 a year (net $52 at current rates though in addition to insuring your figures for the year, the $8 hit is more than worth it from a cash flow perspective).
(And while I'm at it, Grey Kangaroo)

More later

"That's me -- call me crazy, call me a pervert, but this is something I enjoy."
- Boogie Nights
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