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Michael's Servant 08-29-2017 08:00 PM

2704: Goodbye, Veronica
with Josh Accardo Josh laments over Keith not drinking; Hurricane Harvey; friend and listener reactions from KATG #2702

Josh Accardo

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Sparrow 08-29-2017 08:26 PM

title the next book, "What Am I Doing?!" k pls and thank you

snowflake 08-30-2017 04:57 AM

omg so funny you post this sparrow i was going to ask if MNIK will be renamed "hello my name is keith"...

snowflake 08-30-2017 09:40 AM

I'm not voting that Keith will or will not be bored. He may, he may not. Everyone's expirience is different, but I would not say the extreme mood swings, isolation, emotions and revelations about myself were boring. If anything sobering up (relatively, i still rock the ganga) opened up a pandora's box of emotions. one's i had been getting fucked up to avoid.
sure socializing is really hard in recovery. you feel sorry for yourself because everyone else can drink moderately so why can't you? its pretty frustrating, not boring at all...
for me i made a schedule so that i wouldn't feel empty when the times i'd normally use would come up. i started running and eating on a schedule so i'd regulate my biology. it is good to replace the habit you're giving up with a new habit(s). that may mean going for a run. or to a meeting. or a counselor. or a friend. this is fun, you get to make your own map of your perfect life now. and you can switch it up. you can do WHATEVER you long as you don't use.
when i stopped taking speed i told a lot of friends who used i was taking a break. they stopped coming around out of respect (becuase they weren't gonna stop) and eventually i just stopped seeing them. i'm not mad though. It would be easy to be upset, but if you had friends from karate class and then you quit karate would you be mad they were in the park chopping wood with their hands without you? or would you be happy for them, and yourself for doing what you want?
I said there would be ups and downs. and there will be. you will be angry you stopped. you will be sad you stopped. you will miss the fun you had.
but that said I DON'T MISS BEING HIGH*. I really don't. when i get nostalgic I remember the bad times as well as the good. the hangover (or whatever other lows you had) can become the new reason not to use.
and like shitting in a bag, your strength to over come what you thought was impossible becomes a strength that helps you overcome new and different shit.
*...on speed. i loves me my weed. and i miss acid, shrooms and k but if i'm honest i know that the "truths" revealed through those highs are coming to me slowly and painfully through counseling. so ... fuck it.
peace love and keith and the girl, ya'all

AstoriaGirl 08-30-2017 10:45 AM

I lived in Houston till I was 21, and this storm is unlike anything I could have wrapped my mind around. It's just so much water for so many days, I feel like I'm almost numb to it because it's just so insane and terrifying. However, I do believe that the decision to not evacuate the city was completely justifiable. When people evacuated during Rita, it was pretty much a shit show, and more people died on the road than from the storm.

Hurricane Harvey: Why Didn't Officials Order Houston Evacuation? : The Two-Way : NPR

"In searing 100-degree heat, cars crept up north I-45, windows down, air conditioning off to save precious gasoline. The traffic jam stretched for over 100 miles and has been going on for over a day and a half. ... Gasoline was not to be found along the interstate and cars that ran dry made the gridlock even worse. Abandoned vehicles littered the shoulder lanes."

Plus, the conventional wisdom has always been that if you can, bunker in place and wait out the storm (usually in an interior room without windows, like a closet). It will take years to evaluate how Houston handled Harvey, though, and this storm will be useful in policy planning for the next one.

AstoriaGirl 08-30-2017 10:59 AM

At the same time, people are taking out their private boats in order to rescue neighbors from the high water in their homes, cause emergency services are so taxed and cant get to some of these flooded out homes.

bag of lazers 08-30-2017 01:20 PM

I voted "Yes", but that's probably just me projecting.

Scorpion 08-30-2017 02:52 PM

I think life is amazing.
I believe Keith thinks so as well, he has said in the past that alcohol makes things better (in the case of some movies tolerable). This will no doubt affect his movie reviews. With his real friends like Chemda, Hen... er Baby Butt, Andrea, Libby and others he will find great enjoyment in life without alcohol. Life is crazy and hard but it's the crazy he enjoys the most (it seems) and the crazy is even crazier when you are not the crazy.

Just my opinion.

Love da' show!

PS does anyone else wonder why Studio was a MNIK! and not WMN! It seemed much more like WMN! I kept thinking either Chemda or Keith would make a joke about that but if they did I missed it. Just a thought.

bluecrucial 08-30-2017 03:51 PM

All of these have been so great guys!

I'm coming up on the 1 year mark which is the usual milestone they advise you can date. When Chemda was talking about how weird it is to be "in the moment" and sober, that is the one most terrifying things for me now.

Any date or relationship that went poorly in my life I've always been able to blame on being drunk and "fucking it up". I have no idea how to look at a failed date and go "Oh she didn't call me back because I'm just a mess in general". But I'm sure I'll figure it out. :P

Thanks for putting out these very shows guys. It's so crazy how, even in recovery, it can feel so isolated. Your take on this stuff is awesome.


astrokahn 08-30-2017 04:33 PM

There is a "methodone" for alcoholism. It's called Antabuse, or generic is Disulfirum. You can get it with a prescription. (Or from a Canadian website illegally.)
It makes your body allergic to alcohol for a period of time, about a week or two. If you drink while it's still in your system you feel weird as fuck, dizzy, rash etc. it makes you sick, that's the point.
I've had some decent success using it (I'm really small so I only take a quarter dose every few days) because I'm too scared to drink on it. The key is to take it regularly so you won't have a week or two where you think mayyyybe it's not still in your system (and then drink.)
I wouldn't recommend it if you think there's a chance you'd drink while taking it though bc it can really fuck your up.

I know this sounds extreme but my biggest problem w alcohol is not the physical addiction or cravings but years of the psychological checking out and talking myself back into drinking when I don't want to, so Antabuse helps to take my brain choices away.

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