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Keith 05-08-2019 05:42 PM

3073: Shulogy w/ Shuli Egar
Howard Stern; the Wack Pack; family

Shuli Egar

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Sparrow 05-08-2019 07:52 PM

awesome guest!!! love love loved

nobody talked to me about sex except that there would be throngs of molesters lining up for me and tell an adult if i feel uncomfortable when someone touches me. the molesters never came. and that was the end of referencing my genitals in any way in conversation. i wasn’t even told to wait until marriage. Mom assumed i’d just osmote that from the zeitgeist. i had a set of medical encyclopedias i poured over, so that’s where i got all my info. and; they were really doing the lord’s work getting healthy information out to young people in the ye olde days of the internet. cyber sexing on AOL filled in the gaps.

littlp 05-08-2019 09:54 PM

I loved this guest so much. And the glee Chemda experienced at his reaction to Keithís childhood stories was just amazing. I hope to hear him again soon.

As for the sex talk, that is something my parents did a fairly decent job on. They had me when they were 19 and 20 in a small Catholic town. I was born 3 months before they got married; I am not in any of the pictures. They were always fairly honest. My mom told me it was one of the most wonderful things in the world if it was with the right person. And when I told her I was going to wait until I got married she said, donít be so sure about that, or something along those lines. They werenít hippies either. They were pretty strict with us. I would be grounded if I got below a B+ in a class. My dad even talked to us about sex. He would start off with ďI know neither one of us is comfortable with this, but we need to talk about it...Ē they were both honest about how hard it was to raise me in the early days while stressing that they didnít have any regrets in having me. They tried to make sure we had the information about birth control and condoms. My mom did talk a little about anatomy. They encouraged us to educate ourselves as well.

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Archimedes_Screw 05-09-2019 08:07 AM

My mom told me to picture her face every time I had sex as a teen. She told me that Iíd love it too much because of what happened to me as a child. It didnít work.

Weíve started talking to our children about sex and menstruation. They are pissed that the boys donít have to go through it. It could happen any time now which is why I carry some pads in the first aid kit.

Keep the emails going!

Loved the guest! So fun.

AstoriaGirl 05-09-2019 10:43 AM

I'm relistening to Keith's book... Holy shit. Keith, do you identify as someone who was abused as a child?

AstoriaGirl 05-09-2019 10:54 AM

Holy shit the lawn fire story. That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard.

sievo 05-09-2019 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw (Post 875264)
My mom told me to picture her face every time I had sex

Yowza! Was she trying to fuck you up ;)

I think the other day someone mentioned fast-forwarding through the nude drawing scene in Titanic? That was my mom when I was growing up, quite literally. Needless to say no sex talk ever happened. Luckily we had decent sex ed and I grew up with the internet, so by 14 I'd seen it all anyway! But it still made me uncomfortable seeking sex in real life.

LoopyLou79 05-09-2019 02:09 PM

Another Great Episode
Another great episode, had me in stitches.

FingerLakes 05-09-2019 08:05 PM

It's too soon for Not!Cat to go
She's like a 3rd host at this point

Archimedes_Screw 05-09-2019 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Apia (Post 875272)
I told my daughter that she, as a future period haver has also the option of creating a human inside of her, and thatís pretty cool.

Iím so early with this stuff to manage to talk about it before itís embarrassing for her. I want to give her information before her peers or the Internet.

Same. Fighting hard to destigmatize periods.

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