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Michael's Servant 07-30-2019 07:30 PM

3123: Bulletproof w/ Rachel Green
Big breasts; bra saves woman’s life; sex and insecurity; Florida state trooper has sex with 14-year-old; Indiana cop falsely accuses McDonald’s employees of biting into his sandwich; Georgia woman fires gun over cold McDonald’s french fries; sex clubs and strap-ons; astrology, tattoos, and doppelgängers

Rachel Green

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Bucho 07-30-2019 09:16 PM

Anyone who didn't see the vid for this one is really missing out.

AstoriaGirl 07-30-2019 11:48 PM

Bitch take: it's super borring when women go on and on about how big their boobs are. It's like poly people that only talk about the sex parties they go to, it somehow makes them and sex seem that much more dull.

Archimedes_Screw 07-31-2019 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by Bucho (Post 877219)
Anyone who didn't see the vid for this one is really missing out.

No shit lol

Archimedes_Screw 07-31-2019 10:56 AM

Please have her on again! What an awesome person.

Archimedes_Screw 07-31-2019 11:09 AM

Children cannot give consent. That was rape. Imagine opening up your child’s Lisa Frank diary and reading about her experience with the cop. I know where the hog farms are.

Lanfear 07-31-2019 02:35 PM

Regarding the poll:
No but it's on the to-do list, it sounds very intriguing but potentially logistically challenging

LoopyLou79 08-01-2019 11:17 AM

Lie back and think of England!
I liked this one, listened to the podcast and watched it live. Very interesting, also the role reversal after using a strap-on was interesting, I do do much in my life to have to then take the lead in bed!

We call titty fucking a tit-wank in the U.K. and I think the USA version sounds better/dirtier.

FingerLakes 08-04-2019 10:16 AM

I've only had one guy tit-fuck me and I feel like some kind of failure that number is so low.

Keith 08-04-2019 12:13 PM

Let me guess, you’re a D cup.

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