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Old 08-27-2019, 11:07 PM   #61 (permalink)
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I was glad to find out I wasn't the only one utterly confused by this show. I was really interested at first about the deal and the crazy situations she was talking about. But then she literally kept saying the same things over and over again with the same vague words. It was a dirty deal, but it was unprecendented and apparently she was the best because she negotiated it. I literally felt like I was listening to a trump speech, no offense intended, but ugh it was confusing as fuck to listen to and not even sure I understand/believe some of the things said during the episode which is sad. I have three theories as to why her story went awry. 1. She's traumatized and unsure of how to say things or what not to say, but if so she was definitely putting on a front when Keith asked her about her tweeting at people during the show. 2. There is some form of mania going on. 3. Pathological liar.

I really want to understand her and support, but I am too confused and even after listening to last week I'm confused.
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Old 09-03-2019, 03:05 AM   #62 (permalink)
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Unhappy Makes Sense

I think what Sue is trying to say makes sense but it came across a little bit disjointed.

Basically women have historically been gas lighted by their employers. As an example of this here in Britain we've had the Equal Pay Act since 1970 and we still don't have pay equality (especially true when you look at working class/ lower middle class jobs)

A previous boss ruined my career and I've had to start all over again because I wasn't what he expected a women to be i.e quiet
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Angry Basically

Basically the advice is watch out women because you can give, and give, and you will never get the same rewards that men get.

In my working life of twenty plus years I have never sat in a meeting were one of the male participants have baked a cake or biscuits for the group, women do this ALL THE TIME. WHY? What is it about the ability to bake that makes you think you will be taken seriously in a meeting about future income generation or disaster emergency planning?

I have sat in meetings were minor organisational tasks have been requested and its always a woman that volunteers to undertake the task, they get complemented on their organisational skills BUT THEY NEVER GET REWARDED WITH A PROMOTION OR PAYRISE, they are generally what I refer to as the "office wife" . The male boss often has a wife at home, who cooks, cleans, looks after their kids, organises the schedule, and the men seek out an office wife to undertake similar duties at work. The women feels special but would a man do those jobs without asking for extra money or payrise in the future? , no.

Women get rewarded (non-monetarily) at work by being complicit, deferential and sexually available. i.e they don't immediately get sacked.

I think what Sue is trying to say (all be it in a disjointed way) is that she saw her Dad (as a union man) standing up for employment rights and as a working class female she became sick and tired of being ripped off by rich powerful men purely based on her gender.
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