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Michael's Servant 10-02-2019 06:00 PM

3163: Strike 10 w/ Alia Janine
Cocaine; stripping, porn, psychology, and protecting yourself; Ronan Farrow’s new book; The Fast and the Furious director’s rape accusations; Keith’s dad and Not Cat plot behind Keith’s back

Alia Janine

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Jay86 10-02-2019 07:43 PM

I...I don't know what I expected. I was thinking maybe a moment of panic and mea culpa. But not this. Not washing his hands at the whole thing to the person he was conspiring with. And yeah, there is no reason or prior evidence that would suggest anything other than the reply not-Kat got. I'd suggest she replies with a "'re a psychopath" except we all know that won't land.

Also, Alia is a great guest, you guys should have her on much more often!

CherryLavender 10-02-2019 10:11 PM

The Liar getting shown his Lies to his face is ugly. I'm sorry, Keith.

I'm so mad. I can't even write.

Svage 10-02-2019 10:38 PM

Wow... I normally listen to the episodes on 1.8x the speed.. But once it was over I rewinded back to start of the dad recap (great job chemda by the way) and i set it back to normal speed cause I needed to hear every word pronounced clearly.. Goddam. I don't know how to react. He flipped it on her/you. When it comes out, that you've been fucking with him, Keith, he won't even acknowledge it. I get that you want him to sweat. But I don't think he does, or can.

I'm thinking that once you get to that endgame moment of "this is what's been going on" you tell him straight up that he's sick in the head. I don't know if it'll register, but it might. Or.. Idk, I'm just, wow.

Side note: whatever happened to WDWDN?
Side note #2: I heard Ray Devito on Beige Philips this week, any chance he'll be on the show anytime soon? Or is he in that same limbo myka fox was in?

Keith 10-02-2019 11:06 PM

I saw Ray recently. Some time ago he said he’ll wait till he’s 6 months sober before he returns. That was the last thing.

Any question Dad brings up can be ignored of course. Should ask him what he thinks of “the taste of oral?”

I sincerely hit Yes on the poll.

This idea just hit me: “I know Keith and Kyle are having sex. But if she’s just using him for babysitting and having him enter her body, isn’t she now a literal whore? Not just a slut, but a big ‘ol whore. I try not to judge but that’s sad. Anyway, miss you juicy much.”

Keith 10-03-2019 02:15 AM

Maybe you just didn’t know him...

Keith 10-03-2019 03:27 AM

Did you ask them?

shoebootie 10-03-2019 08:43 AM

Keith, you curse SO MUCH you could clearly never be a father!

Is this the line? Is this the benchmark he sets for ideal fatherhood? Is this why he thinks he's so great, all because he doesn't swear? Keith's most serious relationships have all been with women who "haven't considered children" and now his serious partnership is with a woman who has children. Why is this so foreign to him? Need we remind him that Joseph raised Mary's lil bastard? Oh excuse me I mean THE SON OF GOD. Why is being in a stepfatherly role so queer to him?

He is a fucking psychopath. Nothing about what he's done in the past or continues to do now is anywhere close to what a normal person would do, ever. It's not even close to what a crazy person would do. He is completely fucked up and just keeps writing his own story.

Kyle's in it for the free babysitting.... yafuckinkiddinme? Did he not consider maybe YOU are in it for the free personal training?

shoebootie 10-03-2019 08:56 AM


Keith and Chemda would have been great parents if they chose that. Cat and Keith would have also been great parents if they made that choice.

It is a CHOICE. Not an obligation. When you choose it, wholeheartedly, through whatever ups and downs, you'll do great. When you just do it because it's something you are supposed to do, it's not as much as a blessed undertaking.

Keith's made the choice to be a stepfather and maybe he didn't drain his balls for this parental role, it is nonetheless important in his life, Kyle's life and the kids lives as well. Kyle has picked Keith to be in her childrens' lives and that is a huge deal. It is sacred, because you don't just let any fuckface around your kids.

example: do I wanna see what JFOD's dick do? of course. Would I want him in the same zipcode as my child? Not really.

marykae 10-03-2019 09:24 AM

If I were Kyle I would never ever ever go home to PA with you again.

Honestly you and your brothers should mount a rescue mission for your mom.

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