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marykae 10-03-2019 09:27 AM

What if you create a new email address as Cat's partner (fake name, no need to involve the actual woman) and send an irate email to your dad that he blew up their life.

Maybe there's a pregnancy or adoption in the mix somewhere too that he ruined.

AstoriaGirl 10-03-2019 09:59 AM

Not!Cat and dad should conspire to get rid of Kyle, by whatever means necessary.

AstoriaGirl 10-03-2019 10:05 AM

Actually no, I think it's time to end it. Send him an email from not!cat with the file to the two part episode and call it a day.

FingerLakes 10-03-2019 10:10 AM


Keith 10-03-2019 10:10 AM

Iím putting a book together of all the times people texted NOW itís gotten too much and you should end it.

Chapter one is all the times AstoriaGirl said it as she kept praying for the next installment.

punk'n 10-03-2019 10:20 AM


Originally Posted by marykae (Post 878562)
If I were Kyle I would never ever ever go home to PA with you again.

THIS. Kyle has been a great sport through all of this but accusing her of starting a relationship for free babysitting (and I think also money, if you read between Father Malley's lines) is just gross and she shouldn't ever have to see that creep again.

littlp 10-03-2019 12:07 PM

Thank goodness Kyle knows Keith well enough for all of this not to bother her too much because this really could have fucked their relationship up. I wouldnít ever want to go back to visit his family. So disgusting.

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littlp 10-03-2019 12:08 PM

Also itís like-Keith is happy and content, lets fuck it up because Iím bored and miserable and my children should never feel better than me.

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FingerLakes 10-03-2019 12:52 PM

just fucking kill him already

we're long past the One Strike and You're Dead rule

marykae 10-03-2019 02:46 PM

I think Keith's dad is jealous that Keith gets to follow his passions and make $$

Instead of just admitting he can feel disappointment in his own life while simultaneously being happy for thevson he's supposed to love, he has convinced himself it's not possible to live life the way Keith is.

I know, I know, stop trying to figure out Keith's dad.

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