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Keith 01-07-2020 08:27 PM

3212: Jail-Jitsu
Chemda, Xerxes, and Christmas; how to trick your family; Fitbit and cheaters; PlayStation 4 weighing scam; Keith’s Dad tried to be clever writing Keith; Roger Ailes and workplace conduct; Matt Lauer’s new love; Jeffrey Epstein’s moved body; Lori Loughlin trains for prison; Cats reviewed; the Hollywood Critics Association names Kristen Stewart the Actress of the Decade

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O'Ryan 01-08-2020 08:22 AM

My mom always said that my dad wasn't happy unless he had something to be mad and complain about. This is also true of her, and the more I listen to your show, the more I think that's true about most people's parents.

Also, Keith has more feelings, and he's usually shouting them.

SpareBen 01-08-2020 12:39 PM

Good to have you back.

Julia sounds like Sophia Bush so we need to have her ambushed on mic more often, please.

in my humble opinion, Kristen Stewart is impressive in the following:

2010 The Runaways (watch free, ad-supported)
2010 Welcome to the Rileys (with Gandolfini!)
2014 Clouds of Sils Maria
2015 Anesthesia
2015 American Ultra

Jay86 01-08-2020 11:17 PM

"How did you go see the movie?"
To be fair, Keith gets so upset when people like shitty movies and admit they were drunk/high when they watched it. When you hate a movie it's only fair to ask "Did you really? Or did you just receive a dad email before you went in or did your boyfriend forget to give you a birthday card or something?"

I kinda like Kirsten Stewart but not many of her films. I think it's the Twilight effect. I had a thing against Robert Pattinson too based entirely on the fact he was in Twilight. It took me a few movies to realise he's actually a pretty amazing actor. Stewart is no Pattinson, though.

Keith 01-08-2020 11:44 PM

Actress of the Decade = “I kinda like her”

Jay86 01-09-2020 12:02 AM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 880326)
Actress of the Decade = “I kinda like her”

I clearly imply Robert Pattinson deserves "Actress of the Decade" more than her. Don't twist my words, Keith!

littlp 01-09-2020 06:58 AM

I really hope Keith left his dad hanging after that ridiculous email. What an asshole attempt at re-engaging.

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Archimedes_Screw 01-09-2020 09:56 AM

I can only imagine what a logistical and technical nightmare this move was. I appreciate y’all coming back when you did. Love the podcast and love y’all. Happy new year.

FingerLakes 01-09-2020 11:27 AM

am I the only one who misread the title as "Jail Jutsu" and got hype that they were going to talk about Naruto?

Keith 01-09-2020 11:56 AM

Don’t get me started...

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