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Keith 03-27-2020 05:46 PM

3252: Better Off Dead
50% enjoy this new way of living; Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and COVID-19; hospital problems and coronavirus testing; Stairway to Heaven's day in court

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Christ Why 03-27-2020 06:33 PM

Stay at home lifestyle
What Chemda said about why people may be enjoying the stay-at-home lifestyle are exactly the reasons I chose "yes". I have a co-worker who I really dislike but I'm basically forced to be friends with, and another co-worker who is a fine person but he does the awkward small talk first thing every morning before I have a second to breathe. He's still doing the awkward small talk but now it's over IM which is infinitely nicer. Being home has been heaven. Obviously, other than the death... I'm lucky to have a job where the transition to work from home was easy and it's basically business as usual.

CherryLavender 03-27-2020 07:03 PM

"Lick My, Suck My" made my day!

You guys sound amazing! Thank you, B Jason.

Seeing you in the chat was so fun! It's only slightly weird my daughter, 2nd Gen Alicia, was in another room in the house on the chat and birdie is asking if it's okay to fuck her. "Have you met my boyfriend, Xerxes?", was the quote of the chat.

p.s. I laughed about MAtt. That's fucked up.

Sparrow 03-27-2020 08:22 PM

whaaaa? #guilty

Apia resurrected 03-27-2020 11:58 PM

I work from home, have kids and a dog so I had to have a schedule from day 1.
Working about 8 hours a day. After work I'm outside for at least 2 hours with kids and dog.
( we live in a place where we can go to the forest and isolate there from others)
We walk, kids play, I do some work out.
When we come home I start to cook. Mr Apia comes home, we eat.
Than its time for some Netflix or so.

Apia resurrected 03-28-2020 04:46 AM

I'm not a fan of phone calls normally but now I have over 30 every day.( customers, team, supervisor, 1000 branches of the company)
Well it's better than no job so I got used to them.

Apia resurrected 03-28-2020 06:31 AM

Hier is a PSA:

If you are fit enough to go to a hospital for a Corona test, DONT GO!

In a line full of sick people you have a great chance to get Corona if you don’t have it. Just assume you have it and stay at home.

Apia resurrected 03-28-2020 08:06 AM

I studied to be a lawyer and it was awful.
I guess in American terms I finished law school but didn't study for the bar exam?

I was soul destroying. So there is the reason to not be a lawyer.

Joshua 03-28-2020 09:07 AM

Wtf is with Keith's nails? Was Kyle mad at him or something?

DeathInGrasp 03-28-2020 01:46 PM

So I can’t quarantine because I work as a nurse practitioner in the Chicago area. Yep I’m scared.

However, I did have a “quarantine schedule” of sorts back in April 2019. I needed to have a complex hip surgery called a periacetabular osteotomy that left me unable to bear weight onto my right leg/hip for nearly 2 months. I could barely shuffle from my bedroom to the recliner, or back and forth from the kitchen, with a walker. I was alone and stuck in my condo. I ended up making a detailed schedule where every day I’d have specific time set aside for tasks like: do some upper body resistance band exercise, write in a journal, draw a picture, write an email to an email correspondence buddy, play a video game, do a mindfulness meditation through Headspace app, do a Spanish language lesson in a language learning app, etc. I kept myself as “busy” as I could but it was still very difficult. At 2 months post op I was allowed to put more weight onto the leg and I would go to my condo’s pool or walk outside on crutches but I wasn’t cleared for driving until 3 months post op. I basically am watching everyone go down the black hole of being home bound the way I had to be. I emerged fundamentally a little different. The long time off work and in isolation made me anxious and depressed and I ended up needing to go on medication.

Stay sane and busy everyone. Though I’m working and seeing patients every day, I’m having some flashbacks to my ordeals just by being stuck at home every evening and weekend. I relish my brief grocery excursions.

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