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The husband 25 56.82%
The wife 19 43.18%
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Originally Posted by Binkers View Post
...and by the way, isnít it interesting that Keith says she hates the woman and wants her number and nobody says a thing about that, yet you keep hammering at me for speculating that her looks may have played a role in how her husband treated her? Not only that, but you keep hammering at me despite my repeated attempts to apologize.
I'm preetty sure Keith said he wants her number to call her and ask her about the situation, not to hit on her or call her fat or whatever the fuck it is you're doing. You "apologize" and then try to defend your comment, which is not defend-able. This had nothing to do with appearance or weight and you became obsessed with that detail and your "apologies" were full of you trying to explain why you brought weight into it instead of just saying, "sorry, I should not have said such a horrible thing".
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I am listening to Last Week on KATG and I had to come here and add my voice to the wife is an asshole. Maybe I'm biased because I collect Funkos. But my gut reaction is, she knew well before marrying him that he was into this. SHE is immediately the asshole for expecting him to give up something that makes him happy just because she doesn't get it.

My last boyfriend said my house was full of kids stuff, mainly because of my collection. My current boyfriend got on the bandwagon with me and now we both collect the pops, and I am so much happier with him than I EVER was with the other dude. I guess what I'm saying is, if his passion is really these Funko Pops, and if she married him knowing this and then expected him to change, (1) she's the asshole and (2) she's not the right person for him. You need to be with someone who understands and loves you, even your weird toy collection that they may not understand. You don't need to understand it but to try and tell someone their passion is stupid or unimportant is shitty, especially if you're the idiot who married them knowing this in the first place. I would understand if this was affecting their finances, but clearly they can afford it so fuck her for trying to tell him that it's not important enough for him to care about.
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