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thirteen 11-25-2020 10:06 AM

I didn't know much about Lewis Black before this show but I recognized his name. Loved everything about today's episode. What a gem.

astrokahn 11-25-2020 04:56 PM

I just have one question:
Where the FUCK is Mushroom Mike???!??

Lanfear 11-25-2020 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by Scorpion (Post 886807)
So I said by April, that's 6 months, I guess I was being optimistic.
9 months put us in the July timeframe for Germany. US is much larger I hope it's about the same or better for most countries... scary times.

I don't think we realistically can start vaccinations before January

For the timeframes to be similar a big factor will be how efficiently you can distribute:
Accessible location by car so you need parking and by public transport so people without cars can get there, wheelchair access, social distancing, etc
Costs I imagine I'll get mine for free
Documentation It needs two doses so you need to track and follow up who got what and prove you had yours if they make that a requirement for e.g. travel
Coverage you need to get as many/all states on the same system ASAP

Simply looking at how similar issues worked for election season? I'd be worried

Scorpion 11-25-2020 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by Lanfear (Post 886815)
I don't think we realistically can start vaccinations before January

I work with a guy who's dad is a MD. He is scheduled to get his first shot of the vaccine Jan. 10th. It comes in two doses. I don't know when the second shot is. But that means front line workers are getting there shots starting January.

Hard to say when it will be available to the public. Depends on a lot of things but I know pharmacies are already ordering it. Also, it's going to be hard to distribute. According to this guys father the vaccine has to be stored at -70F, obviously it is warmed before injection but it doesn't have much of a self life above that temp. For industrialized nations this wont be that much of an issue. Other nations even China and India that is industrialized has large rural areas where this is a problem.

I don't know of the vaccines that are coming out how many have similar issues. Hopefully, this will change so it can be more widely available.

BrianAlt 12-27-2020 05:46 AM

I love Lewis Black and my wife does too. Probably more than I do. I loved the episode. I want to share it with her, but the only time Id get a chance is if were traveling somewhere. And thats not happening too much right now. I have to figure this out.

Scorpion 12-28-2020 06:33 PM

I have been wanting to watch his new special but hadn't yet this totally reminded me to do that and it was GREAT! I've watched most of his specials and seen him live twice. I would definitely like to see him live again once this shit is past. His live performance is a must for a fan, he is so good live.

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