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390: Financial Aid

"Who's not a priest now? You're welcome!"
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Originally Posted by Jesse The Gypsy Hater
Dear God, help us to know the joy of your presence. In Jesus's name we pray
It brings me joy when the show prays in my name. L'chaim
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phone a friend, call spooky he knows everything
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Originally Posted by paul_r
phone a friend, call spooky he knows everything
That has always been my plan...
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Originally Posted by MTE
I'm fine. How are you?
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One of my friends' dad has the craziest ideas on how to make money. His latest idea was to find investors from the Emirates, buy an inactive nuclear plant on the philippines and turn it into a children's theme park. He was totally convinced this would make him rich.
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Do not forget to wear a shirt with a collar. You will never get on TV with a sleeveless T. Tell them about the show, and make sure you say you start every show with a prayer, and end with a song. Hand out the press kit, see if that gets you a seat near meridethV

Tell your Dad to bring his Priest collar for "luck"
It is lucky, it was the collar that helped him get laid.
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Who does the song at the end of the show? I love it.
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Celebrity Fit Club

Christine Taylor (Ben Stiller's wife) is not Marcia Brady (blasphemy!)!!

The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) is pagan idol worship!

The real Marcia Brady is Maureen McCormick

and that is who will be appearing on the new Celebrity Fit Club.

The rest of the CFC lineup is here

Oh and P.S.: None of the actresses who played the female Brady children have ever done porn. The other two would be Eve Plumb (Jan Brady)

and Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady)

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