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901: Tee Time

"Pen in your eye!"

Emily Epstein on MySpace Comedy - Comic Clips, Funny Videos & Jokes
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Just for the record, Keith doesn't have a speech impediment, he just speaks with a "lower-class" accent.
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A customer I had once told me that, as a teen, her parents bought her younger brother a pet monkey, when they were teenagers. One time after being punished, her brother sicked the monkey on their mother. The mom managed to get away unscathed and locked herself in the bedroom. After finding out their father killed the monkey with his bare hands, then beat the shit out of the son almost hospitalizing the him (the son).
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This comment is of no consequence whatsoever, but I'm 14 minutes in and Chemda is describing "Americas Best Dance Crew" and calling it "So You Think You Can Dance." ABDC is way better than "So You Think You Can Dance and the two should not be confused." Just bugged me a little that she mixed them up, you can ignore me now.
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Fine Iíll speak on behalf of all blacks, On the topic of us as a whole being poor tippers; I think itís a combination of being unaware or just plain indifference towards the person serving you. Like most I had no idea that waiters literally live off tips. I have always heard that, but honestly I thought it was just hyperbole. Cause in my mind; ďwhy would someone else choose a job where they have no idea what they will make from day to day.Ē A lot have the idea that if they didnít tip well that some other table would pick up the slack and the person would be no worse off at the end of the night. This is of course before I realized the truth and probably why I over tip now. As for indifference, for a lot of people the person serving the food may as well just be a robotic arm, its fucked up I know, but true. So the person being served just doesnít see the server as needing ďextraĒ money, although it isnít extra at all. Also, I can say with 100% certainty that bad tipping or not leaving a tipping is done with malicious intent. It isnít a ďfuck you white boyĒ.
Another part of it is the idea that a waiter canít really improve the overall quality of the dining experience, only fuck it up; your steak isnít going to be any more delicious because a waiter got your order right. But it can get worse if they got your order wrong. If I have a great meal and at the end of the I have to pay $50 I would gladly give a $25 dollar tip. But if the same meal turns out to be shitty and I still have to pay the $50 for the meal why tip and spend the same amount of money if Iím not satisfied. I understand that this is not always the fault of the waiters, but itís the only part of the bill I can decide how much to spend.
Finally sometimes its just about, not having enough money on you to give a decent tip. Sometimes the person has only enough for the bill and didnít figure a tip into the equation of the meal. How many people have every skipped out on a meal simply because they did not have enough money for a meal plus tip?

I think these all factor in to some extent, and there is no clear cut answerÖ but thatís all I got.
In a national taste test 8 out of every 10 women agree; Iím Michaelicious.
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Polite Distances

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Ok, who else folded their tongues and tried to open their mouths to try Chemdaís party trick slash inbuilt pacifier?

Now who did that inside a bus full of people?
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FEAR was a blast. Not enough games allow you to bicycle kick a dude you just emptied an assault rifle into while he yells 'FUUUUUUUCK!' in slow motion.

I never finished it because the level design is repetitive (plus Alma kept making me jump and I don't mean in the bicycle kick way) but I may have to reinstall and find my save file.

Keith: do you play games on the PC too? Because Steam has a built in function to gift (full, downloadable) games on the PC.

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Here's an interview with the owner of one world. I've never been there myself, hippies make me feel uncomfortable.
One World Cafe Salt Lake City Utah Youtube Video Pics | TechBanyan
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Originally Posted by Michaelicious View Post
Another part of it is the idea that a waiter canít really improve the overall quality of the dining experience, only fuck it up; your steak isnít going to be any more delicious because a waiter got your order right. But it can get worse if they got your order wrong.

Bullshit. Good service totally adds to your experience. Having someone anticipate my needs gets my attention. Being a good server often means you go invisible, fuck you for not acknowledging it. Was a big deal made when your drink magically stayed full, or when your sausage fingers had extra napkins, or when server A ran back or forth from the kitchen 3 goddamn times because you forgot you needed A-1 AND ketchup but couldn't be bothered to tell him/her at the same time!!! Did anyone kick you in the teeth when their "Hi, How are you?" was met with "Water"??? Absolutely not, but your dining experience was a little better for the effort.

Furthermore, the server is a face for a lot of things that can go wrong with your meal and is one of the many reasons I will never serve again. The kitchen gets your order wrong? My fault! Your well done steak taking too long on a Saturday night? My fault. We're out of whatever it was you drove a million miles to have? My fault. What a marvelous job where anybody's fuck up takes money out of my pocket.

This isn't directed AT you specifically, sir, but thank you for letting me abuse you in the name of rage.
Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
Originally Posted by aunt_helen View Post
Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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