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View Poll Results: During sex, are you more into dominating or being submissive?
I'm more into domination, bitch! 86 49.14%
I'm more into submission, master. 89 50.86%
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924: Vagina Lip Punching

"'Fuck' is okay. 'Cunt' is okay. I think we're ready."

Micah Sherman dot com. Home of comedian Micah Sherman.
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I'm a sub. It's part of my relationship dynamic; has been since the get go. While the typical physical elements are certainly present it's pride, arrogance, reluctance, and power given/taken whence comes the eroticism. No wilting flowers; you aren't conquering through surrender.

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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
I'm a sub. It's part of my relationship dynamic; has been since the get go. While the typical physical elements are certainly present it's pride, arrogance, reluctance, and power given/taken whence comes the eroticism. No wilting flowers; you aren't conquering through surrender.
I want to write like this.

(except the sub part)
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This whole thing seems like its over complicating sex. Keith’s right, just feel that shit out. So much of this BDSM stuff seems to be based on trust, which I assume must make casual sex very difficult.
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I never used the list, it was shown to me by a person who did. And it's not meant for people who are in an established relationship and like BDSM but more for people from the BDSM comunnity who plan SM sessions. It's like the hanky code in the gay circuit, it's supposed to help out people with clarifying some of their more extreme turn on and turn offs.

Generally, if you're in an ongoing and healthy sexual relationship, things should come natural...

Two bits about the show: people who lash out at Obama for half a joke he said on LENO are just whiny assholes who are looking for an excuse to bitch about him. Plus, retarded people are not that sensitive about jokes, it's always their parents who are. I worked with some kids with down syndrome or various handicaps and more often than not they were the ones to crack jokes on their own condition. The parents were the bitchy, overprotective ones who were more busy complaining than loving their own kids. Fuck those people, i guess that angry attitude is just a cover up of their own idiotic isssues with their kids (They're embarassed at them, so they get angry even at a vague hint to a joke. The kids couldn't give a fuck).

One more: Chemda' attitude on the open relationship issue is just great. She's open to discuss everything with keith if any problem should arise. I wish there were more people like her (or keith) that are open to discussion, than the majority of "like it or leave it" beings that are out there.

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Oh how I wish I hadn't been in class so I could have called into this show and explained myself more.

The list you got was much more detailed than the one I went through with my husband (it was in a book, BDSM 101 by Jay Wiseman), it was much shorter and grouped into more general categories with some specifics. The list that you received from Jeremy is pretty freaking detailed, and I think probably mainly intended for people who go to BDSM clubs, where it would be a lot more important to go through when doing a one night stand, which I don't think is a good idea anyways. I did send you a link to the info@keithandthegirl email with a shorter list (about 6 pages) that you can complete online. And of course my husband and I didn't go through each detailed item, once you know you aren't into getting pissed on, you can cross several other things out.

By the way, BDSM stands for Bondage Domination Sado-Masochist (sp?)

For me personally, I started having dreams about being in a submissive role. It wasn't so much about getting spanked perse, just doing things that my love wanted me to do and pleasing him. Its not something we do 24/7 or even every time we have sex. I think the easiest way to explain it is a form of role play that I really freaking enjoy. My husband is not normally dominate, in fact I am the dominate one in the relationship (the one who makes the majority of the decisions, after discussing it with him of course, but he usually just goes along with it). Sometimes I just want to let go of that and have him tell me what he wants me to do. It is incredibly hot to have him go into that role because it isn't something he usually does.

I could go on and on about this but I don't want to ramble on and on.
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To clarify, Jeremy sent keith the same list i sent him. The guy who gave the link to me is active in the SM community and told me a few minutes ago that this list is linked in a lot of websites for S&M clubs or meetings, so it's very specific.

There it is, (NOT SAFE FOR WORK): Soul's Haven - Printable BDSM Checklist
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vasectomy facts

I had a vasectomy after my third child was born 8 years ago.

The way it works is they give you instructions. You have to submit a sample and they test it to see if there's any semen still there. Although the tube that brings the semen to the penis is cut, some semen can still be left in the penis-end of the tube for a while until it gets flushed out. Only after they test the sample and find no traces of semen will you get a formal letter giving you an "all clear" Until then you are told to continue to use other forms of birth control.

They recommended waiting until 30 ejaculations before submitting your sample. My bride was so keen for us to get the all-clear, she blew me every night for a month. Great times. Fantastic knowing what I was coming home to every day for that month. I love blow jobs (really, maybe more than most, which is saying a lot). But what was interesting is that after a month I was really missing "vanilla sex" and even was almost bored of BJs. That hasn't happened to me since.

This month I saw on a facebook profile of girl who I knew in high school and read that she has two children over 12 and one under 3. Often when there's that large a gap in someones' kids ages, it means an "oops" hapened in the birth control department. She made some comment that vasectomies don't always last forever and how she learned the hard way!

Mines worked fine for 8 years, and as happy as I am to be a parent and as much as I love my children, I'm not about to let that happen to me!

So what happened to her, I've made an appointment next week to have my cum checked for semen again. I plan to do this every x years, just in case.

England might have silly ideas of comedy, thinking men need to dress as women, be at least the national health here means this procedure is free for me.

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I'd never thought that in my life i would have seen the phrase "Bored of BJs"
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Ok I don't listen live very often, so I guess my feedback skills are lacking. Let me explain...

I wasn't joking. I dated a guy briefly, pretty much based on the fact that he was a Dom and I am a sub. I had never explored my machochisic tendancies before and I was intrigued. We took things too fast, we didn't communicate (no safe word, etc) and it ended badly. It was a learning experience.

He would do things like tell me exactly what to wear and what to eat (very 'Secretary'-esque). We fooled around but never had sex. During fooling around he would be very rough with me, spit on me, etc. LIke I said I was feeling the whole thing out, so I wanted to experience everything before I decided what exactly I was into.

One day, he told me to leave my door unlocked, he told me what to wear and that was all I knew. I assumed he was coming over but I didn't know when. Eventually, I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door, he threw me to the ground, punched me (probably more in the head than in the face but I had my arms up to protect my face at this point), pulled his dick out, jerked off in my hair, and left. That was it.

This taught me that in order to enter into any sort of relationship like this, you have to TRUST each other. I was stupid and I could have gotten hurt. I don't think this guy meant me any harm, we just didn't talk about it enough and that's what happened.

Now I do still consider myself a masochist and but I explore within the confines of a trusting, commited relationship. It's much better and there's just nothing wrong with being slapped in the face and called a cunt by the one you love.
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