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The stuff you can pull out of your ears with those candles makes you wonder how you could hear anything in the first place.
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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
Ear candles are a super common home remedy. You can get them for 3 bucks down at the general store.
Ear candles are unfortunately very common, but the fact that any medical benefits have been completely debunked is not as widely known.
knows what's up.

So does Lisa Roazen, M.D.

Why Candling Can't Work

Since wax is sticky, the negative pressure needed to pull wax from the canal would have to be so powerful that it would rupture the eardrum in the process. However, candling produces no vacuum. Researchers who measured the pressure during candling of ear models found that no negative pressure was created. The same investigators candled eight ears and found that no ear wax was removed and candle wax was actually deposited in some of them! [3]

The notion that the ear canal is connected to structures beyond the eardrum is false. A review of a good anatomy book should dispel this notion. The external ear canal, with an intact eardrum, is not connected to the brain, the sinuses targeted by the procedure (those above your eyes), or the Eustacean tubes (the passageways between the internal ear and the back of the throat). While some claim that the eardrum is porous and quickly allows impurities to pass through, this is untrue. The "impurities" that appear in the collected wax (usually on a paper plate or other collecting device) are nothing more than the ashes from the burnt wick and wax of the cone itself.

Full article.
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I can't believe Chemda and Lori thinks a 911 or even the local cop should come to a place over incorrect change and a burger and fries. Even if I was a cop sitting on my ass at the moment, I wouldn't and shouldn't have to expend my energy that i may need for an REAL emergency because some fool is not happy with customer service. Tell the manager, dude. That guy was an idiot on all counts.

Chemda: "The employee winds up getting punched in the face because the customer didn't know what to do with himself."

NOW that's an emergency. Call me when THAT happens.
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The people at Dachau didnt need a TV dance show to lose weight
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