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Great crossover episode, I agree make Ken a full-fledged Diamond Dog!

Was Craig on mushrooms for this episode?
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I think Father Malley's ability to be delusional is being underestimated. He is probably only sweating until he thinks he comes up with a plausible reality and then he lets that re-write his memories. He believes he is clever and his kids are idiots that he can manipulate. So where everyone is thinking "None of the siblings are backing up the Dad and that has to mean something to him", the Dad's probably thinking " None of the other kids are backing up Kenneth, they're still mine."

All the kids would have to respond saying they agree with Ken before the Dad's ego would consider that he isn't winning the mind games he's playing. Then he'll probably have his heart attack to distract himself from accepting that.
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I've never seen a dickey worn over clothes. My Grandma used to knit them and wear them under her suits in Baltimore 😁
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Great episode.

Having two people in the room that yell like Keith is very...interesting.

RIP Adam.
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Adding to the we love Ken choir - that liable vs libel moment is the sickest burn I've ever heard (for someone who cares as much about vocabulary as Father Malley does).
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Timed photo.
That's the solution.
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