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Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
You guys must like dessert a lot. Like a lot a lot.
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Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
You people have a short memory...

Hadar and Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee is Hokey to the max! I love it
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two guests huh? in that case, Matt b, fuck that annoying dick bag, and brolo, i dunno he is just to much and a little creepy
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This thread just confirms how awesome K and C are at picking guests.

Love em or hate em, people like Spooky, McNally, and Hadar (among others on your bitch list) have real personalities and Keith is brilliant at making them entertaining.

I'd much rather listen to them have a battle of wits with spooky than some celeb trying to promote a TV show or movie like on lame radio. Would you rather hear Spooky be socially awkward with his real friends, or Howard Stern make fun or some half-wit he found on the street?

I'd rather hear Hadar be herself and Deuce go batshit than some know-it-all expert talk about relationships. What's more romantic than Deuce and Hadar finding each other? What's funnier than having them unleashed on air?

I'd rather hear McNally talk about his impressions on New York than some social expert tell us how to think then plug his latest garbage and how we can find it at amazon.

Shock-Jocks usually have characters that are around to make fun of, or some jerk-off trying to promote himself. KATG is full of similar characters, but they're real people we all can relate to, add depth to the show, and make us laugh. As much as I like Keith and Chemda, I don't want the show to be isolated to just them.

I hope it never changes.
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Originally Posted by EllaMacFarlane View Post
Are we doing lists now? In that case, MattB and Adam Brown went to town.

I really love Adam Brown and his sense of humor but he does this weird sound after he laughs that is annoying in my ears.

And MattB? I plain don't like anything about him.
OMGosh I thought it was just me! like "hahahagnaaoooh"

Two most annoying guests...I am not a fan of Deuce, and I disliked the Charlie show, but other than that, I love em all.
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Old 07-20-2008, 07:54 PM   #16 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
You people have a short memory...

Hadar and Jamie Lee

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My feelings fall along the same lines as Jeff. Each guest brings their own set of strengths to the show and I love them on the show for just that reason. I love how Keith and Chemda work together so we don't even really need guests but the ones they've had on and keep having on have brought something to the table.

I've learned more about shit from their guests than I ever would from hearing some self-righteous "expert" talk our ears off for an hour. Not only that but having Keith and Chemda there makes the guests much better than they would be on their own and it just adds to the whole experience.

High five to ALL of them. People are bound to look for something to hate so I guess there will always be someone who hates each guest but fuck them. Don't listen then. It's not like we'll miss you not listening.
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Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
You guys must like dessert a lot. Like a lot a lot.
Like a lot a lot A LOT a lot.
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Why can't everyone just be friends? =)

You should've made a "What's your 2 most liked guests" or something (because that's never been done before).

I'd go for Robert Alvarez and Sexy PotatoE
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I like McNally/Spooky dynamic.
Those shows are few and far between, I feel. You don't have listen.
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