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Originally Posted by Kydizzle View Post
hey, maybe i'm just a chronic masturbator, but my first time i couldn't even cum, it lasted for what seemed like forever, the girl got off and nada for me. is my stallion stamina alone in this world?
No, i have that too, especially when my mind isnt completely in the process.
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don't worry about it and just relax... i can normally go 3 - 6 months between relationships, and they last about the same until i get bored. im normally to anxious and paranoid to get any girls as well, however, once in a while the feeling comes saying its just the right moment and you go for it and it happens. Just talk to the girls see how they respond to you and don't be afraid. And like others said before, if nothing else, get a hooker the just get it done and get some confidence.
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Originally Posted by Kydizzle View Post
it would usually end in a 'hey, i'm sore. so let's stop." type of thing. but it stopped happening after while. maybe i wasn't humping like i should've been, although my stamina still is annoyingly long. (not a bad problem to have, eh?)
That's up for grabs as some girls are able to handle and I have found out the hard way most don't
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First of all, it'll be special because it's your first time. So it will be special for you.

Later, you'll probably realize that it was 'specially bad ... but that's ok because when you realize that you'll realize it because you've gotten better.

Second, go to a dive bar late. Have a couple of drinks (but no more) and offer to drive one of the slightly older women drinking alone at closing time home.

Third, pinch the tip before you roll it down.

Fourth, rinse and repeat.
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Originally Posted by BrownEyedBtch View Post
You have to get over your fear of rejection. You will get rejected. It's a part of life. Consider it their loss and move on to the next person. If you keep getting rejected, have a good and honest friend help you refine your pickup skills so you can learn from your mistakes. Seriously, fear of failing leads to fear of succeeding. You will become so comfortable being a failure that when you get some attention, it will make you so uncomfortable that you will inadvertently push that person away as a defense mechanism. You have to learn to accept rejection and not define your life by how things don't work out..
Any separate advice to get over fear of succeeding?
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Originally Posted by Anxious Nerd View Post
Any separate advice to get over fear of succeeding?
I think that's a matter of realizing you are worth having good things and succeeding in life. People who are comfortable in failure don't think they deserve to be happy, so they continue to seek out unhealthy relationships. People tell them they deserve better, but they don't seek better because they're afraid of screwing it up. It seems silly when people tell you that you need to look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are a good person and deserve to be happy. But until you truly believe it, you will continue to let the detracting voices dominate your self-worth, and you will continue to accept failure.
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