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I'll say this just as a point of discussion.

It's interesting stuff but: doesnt anyone feel like i do, that is a bit jaded about the big gap between theoretical technological advancements and the concrete ones.

There was an age, where science was more free and less tied up by business or bellic (which is basically the same concept with different words), when progress was in ideas and also concrete.

In the latest, say, 20 years at least we see a lot of ideas, perspectives,visions but very few of them become real, tangiible and, most important, affordable. We have the potential, but it doesnt develop because everything now has to have economic value or the possibility to be sold. So i'm skeptical towards the possibility of actual neeural control, large scale three dimensional vision or advanced AI. Just take a look at the stale state of "Virtual Reality"... Wasnt that supposed to be the future? Well it isnt, or at least not how we expected...
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It's all still being developed, and many things are already in production. You can buy the IntediX thing I mentioned right now. As for advanced AI, there is no way to know for sure when that could happen. Once a system is made that is able to learn and becomes self-aware, we can only guess how fast it will learn.

But for virtual reality, that is actually very close. The technology exists now, but needs to be scaled down in order to become commercialized.

The ever-increasing demands for computational power delivered by the ever-increasing supercomputer capability and capacity produce an overwhelming flow of data. In one week the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder will generate more information than is currently contained on the whole World Wide Web, and in one month it will generate more information than is contained in the world's academic libraries.
That system is online now, and supercomputers are used to analyze the data. Virtual reality doesn't come close to requiring that much power. Even looking at Moore's Law, you're only looking at silicon based chips. If you look at what MIT is working on with graphene, then in a couple more years we could be looking at graphene chips. This substance has electron mobility about 100 times that of silicon, with lower power requirements and heat. Imagine the computer with a processor capable of the 500-1,000 gigahertz range instead of the top of the line now in the 4-5 gigahertz range, using less power and not needing nearly as much cooling. You'll wind up with a personal computer running software in the cloud and using these for your monitor: Kurzweil Was Right: Bionic Eyesight Is Within Reach | The Moderate Voice
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I just noticed a great decrease in the speed at which technology becomes affordable and usable by people.

Between the 40's and 80's the entertainment industry, comunications, traveling, medical advancements made a huge leap.

In th last 20/25 years we seem to be stalling. Space colonization is still theoretical, we find ourselves facing illnesses that are decades old. Ideas like neural computers, advanced networking or three dimensional, lifelike reproduction of virtual worlds are still available in theory or too pricey to afford. SO they just fill magazines and book instead of becomig tangible.

Seems to me that whoever is interested in funding or producing the future is more interesting in producing shinier and pricier version of old technologies than advancing.

I'm sure the possibilities are there but i have the feeling that no one is really interested in making the m cooem to fruition, because it's more productive (in business terms) to create smaller iphones than something entirely different.

I'm vaguely disappointed.
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Originally Posted by yoav View Post
done and done. patent pending...
I need prototype.
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Originally Posted by Ansur View Post
Do you think it will catch on enough to have 3D TV programming become the norm?

I predict that within 2 years of your post, we'll all be watching 3D TV.

oh, wait...
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