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6 years and 744 posts later

I was hoping to have something ready by now - a post unlike all others - but it's going to have to wait. Until then I dedicate this post to my Forum friends.

There are so many of you to thank for all the little things you've written, for our PMs, our emails, our chats.

Keith and Chemda - you're our Mom and Dad and we're all the kids in the house, making a lot of noise and sometimes keeping ourselves entertained. And without you two, I don't think this place would have much life - but without the regulars and the ever-rotating cast of newcomers, it would just be a series of show notes.

At times I've kicked myself for wasting so much time here, for writing posts that I knew no one read. In some posts I even put messages in the middle, asking if anyone was reading them - no one was. Is anyone reading this. But that didn't stop me from writing them. 'Cause you see, there were many times when the Forum became my inspiration. Topics would be breached and my fingers would bang away on the keyboard, oftentimes in the middle of the day when I should have been doing something else.

So no individual thank-you's as I don't want to forget anyone, but a

Thank You!

to all.

I'll end this post by echoing my very first word on the Forum:

Keith Malley sent in Money to see Dawns tits.
"Dez knees ruined it, Blame Dez knees" -Keith
Originally Posted by 36D View Post
Fuckin' deznice started it

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You're welcome...?? Do you have cancer or something?
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I bet most newcomers don't know who Dawn is.

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You're welcome. I read.
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Are Dawn and Drew still podcasting? Clearly she is a crack whore or something by now, right?
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so that's it then? you're done at 744??

EDIT: I went on the D&D website and found out that Dawn is still skinny, they moved to Costa Rico in 2009 but in July they were victims a a really bad home invasion. Both of them were beaten up and robbed at gunpoint and machette point Yikes!! Anyway, they packed up and have moved back to the states.

I know there's this whole culture of hating against those two from back in the day but after reading that I felt really bad for them :-(

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Feel bad? You said it in your own post, but let me repeat. Costa Rica

That is all
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