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Aion [PC Game]

Copy pasted from friend.
If you plan on playing this game and don't know anyone else that does then feel free to check the link on the bottom and join.


Aion is coming out, and we're going to play it. We're looking for friendly, loyal, fun and sexy people to join us. All playing styles accepted, hardcore or casual. =)

Main Site: Home | Aionô Fantasy MMORPG

Wiki: Aion: The Tower of Eternity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Forums: - Powered by the Tower of Eternity

Here's some important dates:

September 06 to September 13:

Open Beta: Not really open since you must have pre-ordered to play. Characters will get wiped on sept 13. Whole client is about ~9GB, same client that will be used for live version. Use this link to download the whole client: FilePlanet: Aion Game Client

September 18:

Pre-Selection: you MUST have pre-ordered the game before this date. This will allow you to pick your characters name and create/customize it on a server of your choice. You canít play the game during this time, you can only select server and create/customize your character and you will get to keep it when game goes live. VERY IMPORTANT to do this if you want to play with us. Donít forget, only about 2,500 slots free on our server for our race, if the slots get filled up quickly, then servers will be locked and you canít play with us EVER AGAIN. I repeat: Donít forget, only about 2,500 slots free on our server for our race, if the slots get filled up quickly, then servers will be locked and you canít play with us EVER AGAIN. Pick your server and race asÖ

Server: Zikel

Race: Elyos

September 20 to September 22:

2 day Head-Start. Game goes live for people who have pre-ordered the game.

September 22 to whenever:

Game is live for people who are planning on buying the game on/after September 22. If you get the game in this period or after you will miss out on in game items (from preorder) and our server and race will be full.

How do I pre-order the game?

You can pre-order the game in any retail game stores, but you can also get a digital version (cheaper than hard box) through Steam or NCSOFTís e-store. Get the CE edition one because itís worth it for the extra $10. CE is sold out everywhere (the hard copy Ė retail box), so if you want that, you have to get it digitally.

To Europeans:

Europeans, again, make sure you buy the NA version of the game.

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Game looks great, but I'm not spending $60 for the first month of game play. Let me know when the client is free and I just have to pay the monthly fee and I'll consider trying it.
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