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Any lawyers on here?

I needs some legal help please. PM me.
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May I inquire what this is for or...
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I know a couple of legal clerks/assistants.
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Originally Posted by CuriousKlepto View Post
May I inquire what this is for or...
I have a website taking on telemarketers blatantly breaking the law and now one is fighting back. That's all I can say on here.
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I was just on trial. I think I'm qualified

YouTube - State v. Nicholas Ryder 07-27-09
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Off topic rant directed at Coconut and his dipshit Keene, NH activist buddies.

Originally Posted by Coconut View Post
I was just on trial. I think I'm qualified

YouTube - State v. Nicholas Ryder 07-27-09
Is it just me, or does Free Talk Live and the 'Free Keene' activists portray Libertarians as a bunch of fucking losers? I really hope you guys don't make up the majority of the Free State Project otherwise I feel quite bad for our fellow Libertarian forum members who live in NH.

Your acts of civil disobedience are a joke and lack any amount of depth and maturity. Do you guys even plan this shit out or just wake up one day and say "Hey lets go down to the courthouse again, piss some people off, intentionally get arrested, go limp when handcuffed, and feign police brutality when escorted away in front of our cameras. Then let's have Ian and Mark get on the radio and tell the world of the police state we live because one can't simply video tape in the lobby of a courthouse!" For fucks sake, you make Code Pink look like the masters of political activism.

This pisses me off because I thought there might be something to this rise in the Libertarian movement. I've been so fed up with mainstream politics over the past few years and have always been told my beliefs are more in line with the Libertarians than the Republicans, so I gave Free Talk Live a chance. I've been listening fairly regularly for the past three months, checked out the show's forums as well as New Hampshire Underground, Free Keene, the Ridley Report, and other related sites. And you know what I found? Shit. Actually, it's more like a shit sandwich in that it's not complete shit because of the two slices of bread.

A few things I have learned from FTL and their related forums:
1. Mark (the co-host) is a convicted murderer. Big surprise he's against incarceration.
2. Russel Kanning, who the fuck is this guy you may ask? Oh he's a fellow activist fighting for liberty by refusing to pay child support. What a guy! If you ever have hours to waste there are some nasty skeletons in this guy's closet (found in NH underground I believe).
3. A sizable portion of the FTL audience are conspiracy nuts and suck the dick of Alex Jones. (I do appreciate Ian and Mark's response to the absurd callers though)
4. Ian likes to discuss events of police abuse that are flat out false or greatly embellished (e.g. the kid who was arrested for making bomb threats across the US using skype, Sam Dodson's arrest in Keene, etc.).
5. Sam Miller/Sam Dodson:

What a bitch. "They're dragging me around by my wrists". No they weren't. The video shows them holding you by your upper arms and if you were in so much pain then just STAND THE FUCK UP ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET AND STOP ACTING LIKE A LITTLE FUCKING BITCH! Also, the other bitches who ask if they need to call an ambulance, WOW, FUCK YOU!!!! I haven't witnessed such melodrama since my days in a high school theater class. Furthermore, who the fuck can afford to voluntarily stay in jail for 87 days? Sam could have been released the same day he was arrested, but tried to make a point by refusing to identify himself when being processed. And again, all of this stemmed from his refusal to stop videotaping in the courtroom lobby. Way to tackle the big oppressive issues.

I guess it shouldn't be a surprise to find out that Coconut is a part of this group. For those of you who may be unaware, Coconut is the listener who had an improper relationship with a minor who later committed suicide after seeing a movie with him. Whether the nature of the relationship was sexual is unknown, but the recently deceased did call into the KATG show twice and left messages suggesting something inappropriate was going on when she said, and I'm paraphrasing, "he won't go to jail, I won't let that happen."

I haven't watched all of your video Coconut and I doubt I will, but who the fuck shows up to court in shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers? I understand you don't recognize the authority of the court and judge, as shown by your refusal to rise as he enters, but when others watch your videos, you all look like a bunch of children (like the guy in the background who refused to take his hat off when asked). The complete lack of respect you and your posse show for others is extremely counterproductive to your cause.

I was excited and interested to learn more about the Free State Project and Libertarianism in general, but you dumb sons of bitches in Keene, NH have pissed me off more than your stereo-typical white female college freshman activist/cause head, which is actually an impressive feat.


Sorry for hijacking your thread James. All I can suggest is to try | Find free legal help and information about your legal rights from nonprofit legal aid providers in your state (no idea if this is any good though). If you are a college student and your university has a law school, you may be entitled to free/discounted service. Anyway, give those telemarketing fuckers hell. I don't know how you could be on the wrong side of the law with them. They're probably just fucking with you. I wish you the best.

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im one

im a lawyer but I practice intellectual property, but might be able to put stuff in perspective informally

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