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Bret Michaels & The Celebrity Apprentice

I noticed there is no discussion on Bret Michaels in the Celebrity Apprentice. He was the project manager in the first challenge and knocked it out of the park. At least he's still trying to stay relevant. Unfortunately, not as many skanky chicks on this show...
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Relevance in the reality TV space is really no kind of relevance.
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I just saw a sign advertising that one of the local strip joints had a Rock of Love girl for the weekend. That has to be a better way to stay realivant with white trash gen-Xers than the Apprentice.

I honestly don't see how doing reality television which is mostly watched by lonely cat ladies, sells more records or makes more money than a tour where you sell thousands of tickets for thirty bucks a pop. The guy probably hates his music so much anyting is better than playing it over and over night after night.
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First season of the Apprentice I've watched in years. Quite enjoying it.
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Its hilarious watching Blagoyavich and Goldberg working together. Its really more than I could ever ask for. Well me and all my cats.
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