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Is it, like, a really bad rape?
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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
i had to think about but yes. because her action would defy the fight of other victims to have their voice heard and not drowned in indifference.

so she would cause larger scaled damage than the rapist himself.
I would say that you have a really fucking warped way of looking at the world, but then again I'm just an asshole who doesn't hate rape victims for how they cope with rape.

I don't know why you hate Islam so much; you have more in common than you think.
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Nigga stole my bike

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Man, I gotta watch this episode. I caught up on other episodes over the weekend.

Let me get this straight, the skit (or whatever) was just Dane and Louie talking, where in fact the whole discussion was something that Louie had written out, it wasn't an actual back and forth? I guess Louie couldn't have written anything to crazy or Dane wouldn't have agreed to it, though of course he didn't really need to explore this premise with out some rock solid points and comedy behind it. I'm torn, I'll try to track the show down after work.

I can totally buy it if Louie comes off as an ineffective pussy again, I have a co-worker who watches the show, but he misses the last half alot because his gf can't stand it anymore (Good thing he missed "Blueberries," so awkward). But, again, Louie didn't need to address this issue if he's just going to be weird about, even if that is the "character" he's playing. Hmmm, probably should have left it alone.
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