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Apia resurrected 03-08-2022 12:10 PM

Did you have Covid
Did you?

Svage 03-08-2022 06:14 PM

Yea I got it March 25 2020 I THINK.

no way of knowing for sure because at the time testing was only being done for those who were dying. I wasn't dying. I was stuck in bed for a few days with really bad symptoms, headache, cough, weakness, chills, fever, etc. I haven't gotten sick since then, so yay me?

Apia resurrected 03-08-2022 11:15 PM

I wasnít happy that we got it of course, now that itís over Iím glad we are already done with it ( at least to the next variant).
I think the booster made the difference, we had a mild to medium cold, i was positive for 6 days.
I feel fine now.

BrianAlt 03-09-2022 03:02 PM

I canít believe I have not. But thereís always a chance that I did and didnít know it. Although, no one immediately around me did either. So Iím pretty sure I didnít.

Apia resurrected 03-10-2022 03:31 AM


Originally Posted by BrianAlt (Post 892448)
I canít believe I have not. But thereís always a chance that I did and didnít know it. Although, no one immediately around me did either. So Iím pretty sure I didnít.

I canít tell for sure, but after I had it and it was mild I still say, itís hard to miss.
I definitely felt something strange was up.

porky2468 04-06-2022 02:33 AM

Iím one of the last people in my class at uni that hasnít had it. I have a mini panic every time someone messages to say theyíve got it, but Iíve managed to evade it so far.

I feel like itís inevitable, but thereís still so much variation around how much people suffer that I want to avoid it if I can. I think weíll start getting the second booster soon, so Iím excited about that.

Apia resurrected 04-09-2022 12:22 AM

Now that itís over Iím glad I already had it but only because it wasnít so bad. But this is something you only know after you had it.

But it was longer overall than I thought.

When it was done I had weakness in the evenings as a symptom. About 8 pm, or in the right way said 2000 hrs I was too weak to do stuff and had to lie down.
Also I had a strong loss of appetite for 3 weeks after.

Incognito 04-10-2022 08:04 PM

Got 1st Pfizer vaccine in early September 2021, got Covid out of nowhere a week later. Whole body was cramping and felt like a bad fever. Next day was slightly better. Third day, I felt fine.

However, day 1 to 7, I had zero sense of taste or smell and that was what worried me; I thought it might be permanent. I was drinking hot sauces, honey, smelling colognes, anything I could do to have a sense of anything.

Day 8, I got a burger and I could taste the pickle. I never felt happier to taste a pickle than at that moment. I was eating everything that had a sharp flavor to it. Within a few days, I got both senses back. It's amazing how much we take our sense of taste and smell for granted because you will really miss them if they disappear.

I had to wait 12 days before getting 2nd vaccine.

Since then, never experienced an issue.

nordcharonmir 04-14-2022 04:07 PM

The beatings shall continue until moral about mass incarceration under the guise of "quarantine" is improved.

CsisandDesist 04-14-2022 05:37 PM

Made it thru until just yesterday, and started feeling crappy on Tuesday night, woke up ok Wednesday and my smug ass is thinking ha ha, I just must have had a sore throat from getting soaking wet at the end of my bike ride on Saturday. (It was raining and hailing)

By noon I was sneezing and coughing such that if I was a cartoon character my head would have been doing the Jim Carrie from the Mask awooogha thing.

My partner is in heath care and she helped do the PCR test and said we are going to have a baby, oops sorry wrong test, you have covid.

Last night was a myriad of hot and cold flashes, Advil cold night time helped a lot, this morning I felt ok-ish but really tired. I wanted to get out of bed but just couldn't summon the energy or be bothered, which is very strange for me.

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