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Have you heard about Portland?

Hi internet friends. You may have heard about what's going on in Portland. I have a few asks and a few words.

First of all, if your news source is telling you that #BLM and Antifa are starting riots and creating a war zone in PDX, get a new source.

What's happening here is happening in a three block area downtown. I am 1.7 miles away and my street is peaceful, though I can hear bangs and helicopters at night.

Most importantly the people turning that three block area into a war zone are Trump's Feds and Portland's police department. All protestors are peaceful. There hasn't been any rioting/looting since (I believe) the first week after the George Floyd protests started around the country, and even then, those were (mostly white) outliers.

I cannot join the protests because a. I've been working full time through all of covid and b. My asthma makes me fearful of both covid (though most protesters are masked) and tear gas, including the stuff left floating in the air the next day. Here is the streamer that I follow, which is why I can personally vouch for the peacefulness of the protestors.

In addition to that post, I do know people who are putting their bodies on the line. For example, this story is about an acquaintance and leauge mate of mine:

I don't have a lot of extra money or time, and sometimes I feel like I'm yelling into a vacuum on Facebook. So I decided to share some information regarding Portland at my most frequented other internet community. Hi!

I've decided to focus my efforts in two areas and I would love to get the KATG community on board to help.

1. Feeding protestors and houseless folks in the area where this is happening. Riot Ribs are feeding folks for free. They have been attacked by feds and have had their food and equipment destroyed more than once. I will be shopping for them this weekend and heading down during the daylight. For full info on Riot Ribs go to Donations can be sent here: CashApp ($riotribs) and Venmo (@riotribs).

2. Helmets/safety gear. Of course the protestors are peaceful but the Feds and Cops are not. Rubber bullets have caused severe damage to some protestors. One of my league mates has organized to get helmets and other safety gear to protestors. You can see her post here: If you have any skateboard or bike helmets (football probably too) you aren't using, even if you've previously taken a fall, you can ship them to her, or if you would rather ship them to me I can get them to her, just message me for my address. Also if you have a line on some discount gear and want to order it and have shipped to myself or Elicia just let one of us know. If you're buying, dual certified (skate/bike) helmets are good for both repeated lower impact hits and a bigger hit or two as well. Hard foam inside the shell is best, but they will take anything. My personal preference is the S1 lifer.

Lastly, feel free to add me on fb, I'm sharing a LOT of info on PDX right now. Just make sure to message me if we don't have any KATG mutuals or I'll ignore you.

Please take a minute to read and do what you can. Even just $5.00 to Riot Ribs. I feel so helpless and guilty sitting at home and work. I want to cry all the time. Portland is in bad shape and the fact that it feels so normal away from downtown makes it even worse somehow, if that makes sense. Like, why are folks walking around like shit is fine. Idk. I do it too, I guess.
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Old 07-25-2020, 06:29 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Update: riot ribs stopped taking monetary donations. They must be getting a lot of them!

Also, for the Asian KATG fans, my derby wife designed a really cool t-shirt and she's donating proceeds:

Speaking of tshirts, guess who is wearing a KATG shirt when I deliver supplies? It's me, dummy!
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Old 07-26-2020, 07:14 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Portland, OR
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Riot Ribs grew so fast (it was just one dude on 7/4) that they have transferred leadership to "Don't Shoot PDX."

I was there yesterday and they had so much! I will temporarily make my post public if you want to read

The needs list still exists for those of us in PDX to bring things but money now goes through the other organization.

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