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Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
Aw...dang it.
I forgive you.
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Ahh those fun parent-child relationships ...

Some fun and helpful suggestions:

1. Chemda could ask her mom, "so which would horrify you more, me having a lesbian relationship or me having an explicit radio show?"

2. She could claim that the icon was Keith and Bobby Mitchell.

3. She could say, "I have to do the show, Keith made me."

4. Explain that all the KATG gear was marketing schwag for Keith improv group.

5. Yell, "BEES!"
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...When I was eighteen. I enlisted to get away from my dad. Worst fucking mistake I ever made.

Spooky to Chemda:
Speaking of parents, how’d your mom take the news?

Chemda looks upset

About the show? We haven’t told her yet.

Spooky's Girlfriend:
Your mom doesn’t know?

It’s complicated.

But you’re going to tell her, right?

Yes – eventually.

Look – it’s none of my business but I think it’d be better if she learns about the show from you rather than reading about it in the papers.

I know… I know. It just like – God! How do you tell your mother that for the last two years you’ve been on a radio show where all you talk about is your sex life?

You talk about a lot more than that.

Just tell her it’s an adult comedy show and leave it at that.

It’s not that simple! What if she watches? She’s going to ask a million questions! She’s going to feel betrayed that I never told her!

Now that you’re on TV I’m sure she’ll understand.

You don’t know them! My father comes from a place where brothers don't speak to each other for years over the stupidest shit!

It’s not that bad.

It is!

Do you think they'll watch the show?

Oh God! I hope not!

Of course they’re gonna watch the show! Their daughter’s on TV talking about masturbating! What parent wouldn’t want to watch that?

Shut up! Shut up!

I’d watch it if it was my daughter.

You have to tell them.

Spooky's Girlfriend:
And sooner the better.

I know.
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Old 03-05-2009, 10:11 PM   #14 (permalink)
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I say invite Lauren and Victor over for dinner with Chemda's Mom. Should be fun.
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Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
I say invite Lauren and Victor over for dinner with Chemda's Mom. Should be fun.
I smell a sitcom!
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Isn't everyone missing a vital point
Chemda can't lie!!!

It is a proven fact, she can lie about silly things sure, but she (and keith) said that she can't lie for shit. Lying to your family would be even worse, and she'd end up telling the truth which may/would hurt her family.

right on.
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I'm so glad someone else brought up the culture thing, cause I was about to school all you whities. And thank you, mcnugget, for reminding people of the simple fact that Chemda can't lie, especially to her parents. If she does think of a lie to tell her mom, I believe, based on the stories Chemda has told us, that her mom will realize that Chemda is lying to her, and that she must have a reason to do so. We haven't really heard of a story where her parents, who must have known she was lying, have coerced the truth out of her.

Personally, I totally understand where she's coming from. I've done so much stuff behind my parents' backs because they would be disappointed in me. Man, that disappointment stuff is really strong.

Also, I'm really looking forward to the shows we'll be getting over the next two weeks. It seems like the perfect way to start KATG: Year Four.
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