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Glad to hear that you're all safe!!!!
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Originally Posted by NZHippo View Post
From sounds of the news everyone in the affected areas have reacted really well and are pulling together in typical Kiwi fashion. Amazing there were no deaths reported so far but a lot of damage everywhere, gunna take Christchurch a while to fix everything up.
A few buildings in the cbd are pretty fucked.. Some houses still don't have power or water. It's so crazy!
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Glad to hear that you are okay, besides a little shaken, (no pun).

The most I felt was in Socal this Easter being a 7.2, but I suppose the infrastructure is different in NZ?

Hope you all stay safe and that power and water come back soon.
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It's all about the depth of the quake and the bedrock underneath the city Rhi. Most of Christchurch is built on swampland and sand, so it wobbled like Jello...

The coolest thing is liquefaction - where the sand underneath the ground liquifies in the quake and then seeps up to the surface so it looks like little sand volcanoes appear everywhere. The streets all around me are covered in sand piles. Trucks have been hauling it away all week.


I just spent the morning at work in the CBD, where most of the damage to buildings is. The Civil Defense/army/police have cordoned off most of the central city in order to assess every building there. Each one has to be checked and given the okay before we can go back.
There are plaster cracks all over my building, but it just got earthquake strengthened so is sound. Many of the buildings around it have to come down though.

It's weird, so eerie with noone around except the army guys. And so sad to see some of the lovely older buildings in the city on a lean, or worse, already gone...

If you're interested in such things, there is a really cool map that shows a time stamp of all the quakes - we've had over 300 now in the last 5 days (most magnitude 3-5 aftershocks).
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