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Originally Posted by Spanky McDuck View Post
I'm thinking of getting a new tat and I want it to deal with my passion for cycling. I just finished riding across NC (430 miles) and want to work the ride's logo in. I was thinking for a bike chain running around with logos above it (the past important events as well as adding future ones).

Any ideas? Any artists wanna draw me up a few designs? TIA
bike chain around the arm
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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
Hey, while I won't try to spread the blame on anyone but myself, I went in with reference pictures and my own drawings, and I had seen the guy's work before, and the outline sketched on me before the needle actually hit looked good, but when it was done (and now 5 years later), I wasn't really impressed. Turns out all the guy's work that I had seen was completely unoriginal, and mine required a little artistic talent the guy didn't have.

Shouldn't be too bad to fix once I finally get the money to spend on things like that.
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That's the thing holding me back. I got the superman logo on my right shoulder a few years ago and it turned out perfect; great color, etc. I would hate to get a new one and have it suck, especially if it is on my lower leg where it would be seen a lot. They are not easy to fix.
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That's why you take the time to look at portfolios and make a permanent choice with knowledge instead of convenience.
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I know this has nothing to do with what you wanted, but I thought it was funny as hell, so...
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