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Paraquat 02-16-2015 06:13 PM

I'm driving and can't post the story.
Dumb, entitled white bitch posts racist shit and loses her job.

My Sweaty Balls 02-18-2015 11:52 PM

Florida teen undergoes world?s first penis reduction surgery - NY Daily News

lizsquiz 02-19-2015 07:38 PM

US couple 'allowed baby to starve while they produced porn films'

An Oregon couple has been accused of allowing their newborn baby to starve to death to save breast milk for an online porn movie.

Amanda Marie Hancock, 21, produced the bizarre adult videos with partner Stephen Williams Junior, 26 while internet users paid to watch.

One of the films showed Hancock self-lactating, US media reports.

The pair claimed they fed the baby boy milk but never took him to the doctor despite signs he was rapidly losing weight.

He died in hospital last month. An autopsy revealed the baby died of starvation.

Both Hancock and Williams were charged with murder by abuse.

Prosecutors allege the couple showed extreme indifference to human life.

The couple's two-year-old son was taken into the care of social services.

OnmyojiOmn 02-19-2015 09:44 PM

'Parks and Recreation' Exec Dead -- Harris Wittels Dies from Overdose |


My Sweaty Balls 02-20-2015 06:17 AM

I hate it when you score some heroin so high grade it kills you #humblebrag

It's a sad day - Harris was hilarious.

Sent from my foam - stupid auto correct.

Tulipaloozi 02-23-2015 10:44 PM

"According to the Associated Press, Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri (R) asked a doctor testifying before the House State Affairs Committee whether a woman could have a remote gynecological exam by swallowing a tiny camera. Dr. Julie Madsen told him no, thatís not possible, because items that are swallowed do not end up in the vagina."

If I couldn't hate my state representatives more...

da_ticklah 02-24-2015 08:05 AM

Wesleyan Students Hospitalized Following 'Bad Batch' of Molly
Wesleyan Students Hospitalized After 'Bad Batch' of Molly | Rolling Stone

Ten Wesleyan University students and two visitors were hospitalized after a "bad batch" of the party drug Molly swept through the campus this weekend. Michael Roth, president of the Middletown, Connecticut college, wrote in a letter to students that a dozen people suffered "complications arising from the use of a version of the drug Molly, a refined and more powerful form of Ecstasy (MDMA)." According to ABC News, of the four people still hospitalized, two remain in serious condition and two in critical condition following their overdoses.
"If you are aware of people distributing these substances, please let someone know before more people are hurt," Roth wrote. "These drugs can be altered in ways that make them all the more toxic. Take a stand to protect your fellow students."

Middletown police chief William McKenna confirmed that they were pursuing information about a "bad batch" of the drug. "Our first and foremost goal is to obtain information on the batch of Molly that was distributed to the students on the campus. This information is critical in ensuring the recovery of those students affected," McKenna said.

"I don't understand why so many people were doing Molly that night, at one time," Wesleyan freshman Rielly Wieners told the Hartford Courant. "There's a lot of alcohol; there's a lot of weed on campus. I'm not necessarily in contact with anything harder than that." While Wesleyan declined to go into detail about the incident, the university confirmed to ABC News that an on-campus rave held at the school's Eclectic Society was part of the investigation.

MDMA use has long been associated with EDM culture, but the synthetic compound went from niche drug to national scourge after the fatal overdoses of two college students forced the cancellation of New York's Electric Zoo Festival in 2013. The fest returned the following year with added health measures as well as requiring attendees to watch an anti-drug video.

OnmyojiOmn 02-25-2015 01:49 AM

Joe Paterno's vacated victories will be restored, making him winningest NCAA coach | NCAA Football | Sporting News

jeffInMadison 02-26-2015 10:04 AM

Pedo house burned down twice by neighbor
The state of Wisconsin leases a house for sex offenders when they are released. Turns out there are several kids on the block and one dude decided to burn down the house back in December. State pays to fix it up and gets ready to put pedo in it and guy burns it down again.

House next door has 3 young children...

Cottage Grove man arrested on suspicion of burning house intended for sex offender : Wsj

Paraquat 02-26-2015 11:18 AM


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