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I agree on the Hitler Youth front as they were brainwashed as kids basically. SS members get no sympathy and should all have been shot at the end of the war. The normal German soldier, no, they were just fighting as they were told, no indoctrination into the Nazi Faith was carried out on them...

Wow, that's a nice switch of subject....
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all kids, as of like 1940, under hitlers rule, were hitlerjugend. brainwashed or not, you were in. indoctrination was not a requirement. whenever you hear the media spew the fact that he was a member, ask yourself what they are selling with that biased fact.

but im a brainwashed republican, what do i know?

maybe, though i see Isreal in the same light i see bruce willis, as action heros, the pope is doing what he thinks is in the best interest of the world in avoiding a holy war, and essentially asking Isreal to take it in the ass and just bear it.

im on the fence about the popes statement, i assume he has better intelligence than me, but he is also biased...
Originally Posted by thepetek View Post
To be fair, to really follow Spooky's diet, you can't just eat chicken. You have to spend your days cleaning up after a slob roommate and night shivering like a rain soaked rage filled chihuahua about having to clean up after said roommate until you finally snap and yell at him. It should be called the Mexican maid diet.
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Originally Posted by lickmyballssuckmy
What's wrong with this picture? Way to go, VATICAN.

"The Vatican on Friday strongly deplored Israel's strikes on Lebanon, saying they were "an attack" on a sovereign and free nation."

Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon
the actual quote is

Pope Benedict XVI is following events in the Middle East with great concern because "the latest dramatic events" risk "degenerating into a conflict with international repercussions," said Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state.

The cardinal issued a statement July 14 after the Middle East appeared to move a step closer to all-out war as fighting spread north to Lebanon. Israel bombed targets in Lebanon after members of Lebanon-based Hezbollah crossed into Israel and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers.

Cardinal Sodano said, "As in the past, the Holy See condemns both terrorist attacks on one side and military reprisals on the other. In fact, a state's right to defend itself does not exempt it from respecting the norms of international law, especially as regards safeguarding civilian populations."

"In particular, the Holy See deplores the attack on Lebanon, a free and sovereign nation," he said, adding that the Vatican is close to the Lebanese people, "who already have suffered much to defend their independence."

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