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If you really want to understand Middle East issues I urge you to drop the religious rhetoric and learn about the Sykes Picot Agreement and it's impact on world politics from that point on...

Viewed from a historical viewpoint all conflicts in the Middle East stem from this incredibly inept bit of British Empire building gone wrong. Muslims the world over hold the West responsible for carving up their borders in a way that leaves them constantly at each others throats. And that was really the point wasn't it?

Unfortunately Western education and political organizations bury all relevant historical facts so as to continue the bloodshed.

Divided they fall...

everything you need to know is in wikipedia....
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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Well viewed historically, there has been conflict on that land for thousands of years, well before the British were ever a factor
From your preferred source:
History of Jerusalem
Point well taken but for the sake of clarity I thought I'd start from the fall of the Ottoman Empire...
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Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
yoo suk
That is srsly funny. And to think I almost didn't read this thread because I couldn't get past the terrible spelling...
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Originally Posted by Lambboy View Post
It was correct in the nerd dialect

That game is the only reason i opened this retarded fucking thread.
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