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Old 03-25-2010, 10:17 PM   #351 (permalink)
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latest ironman bobby podcast is up. i show you how to make a camera mount for you bike for about 2$ cheapest camera mount you will ever find, and it works! used it on my trip to spain.

Ironman Bobby - Main Page
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My podcast is here:

THOOM!: The Retro Comic Book Podcast
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Podcast Market Research


I'm putting together a business plan for a commercial venture and hoped someone might be able to help point me to a reliable source of Podcast-related market research. I've been searching online and I'm finding material from the last few years, but I was really hoping for something more current.

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The latest episode of Original Geeks Podcast is now available.

Episode 65: Fight Like Men: In this Episode of the OGPC, Bones hangs out by himself and goes solo this week running down the final Wrestlemania 26 card and how it compares to the leaked internet card that surfaced about 2 months ago. He also talks changes and additions added to the website this past week, discusses whats going on with t-shirts and their availability. He also talks about upcoming ECPW shows in Cortland and Binghamton. Speaking of ECPW, Little Daddy C joins us to share some news and talk about the recent murder of his friend Kody Ray and the Kody Ray Memorial Wrestling Show that ECPW is putting on. This tragedy has affected the lives of many people so please read the articles below to know the facts. RIP Kody Ray. Coming back, Bones has PS3 demo impressions for Bioshock, Heavy Rain, TMNT: Turtles In Time: Turtles Re-Shelled, and Fat Princess. Plus Ian rants about bitch ass online Marvel vs Capcom 2 players, and reviews Zombie Apocalypse, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix. He also talks about spending more time on Playstation Home having dance offs plus so much more!

Episode 65: Fight Like Men – 3/25/10 | Original Geeks Podcast
Host of the Original Geeks Podcast , Pro Wrestling personality for 3DW, Underground Shitty Nerd Rapper.

Subscribe to our feed:

Your source for all geek related shit and all things fresh hosted by Ian Daddybones & Jiinx


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Location: Reston, VA also can be found in my cubical, because really thats where i live
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New Episode up, my third day in spain a nice rest day. Ironman Bobby - Main Page
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Old 03-29-2010, 10:31 PM   #356 (permalink)
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Dear Wesley Pipes... I Hate You

(The start of this episode is about the Tea Party. Skip 20 minutes in to avoid political talk.)

In this episode of The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast your host Rod and Karen talk about racism in the Tea Party, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, How Racism Works, Wesley Pipes, Reggie Miller's 30 for 30 documentary, Spurs vs. Celtics, Bad Girls Club Nightmare, Twitterdeep, Montell Williams, Autotunes, Basketball Scoring Hierarchy, Anti-porn convention, TI's out of jail, Gilbert Arenas escapes jail, Ex-girlfriend revenge.

Armored and Repo Men

Enjoy the show and please leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks for the support.

Here is the Episode
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Old 03-30-2010, 07:02 PM   #357 (permalink)
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Complex/Rcokets episode 15 "Spoiler Alert"
"The host is a complete condescending dick to the other members of the podcast. terrible."

Complex/Rockets episode 16 "PAXtravaganza"
"There are no less than three old school campaign players here."
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Originally Posted by greggcarson View Post
Its not mine but the hosts are big fans

Its a metal show, usually runs like 2-3 hours the majority of that is shit talking with maybe 7 songs tops, they have over 100 shows and its usually amusing and a good way to kill a few hours.
Quoting an old post, but this podcast is actually what got me interested in KATG.
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Old 03-30-2010, 07:35 PM   #359 (permalink)
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Two episodes of Uncast!

169: From Dick Sucking to Kooza

and the 3rd Universary Episode:

170: Don’t Judge Me, Fuckers!
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The I Love Lard fan page on facebook got enough followers to have it's own personal URL. I Love Lard | Facebook.
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